Day to Cherish!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009 / Comments (1) / by Skinny Yash

I'm still at home. Just finished the un-finished business last nite. Watching movie u'oll! I just watched Ghost Town. Yeah! It's been ages! And i just wathed it!

Pretty awesome movie i can say! It really touched me though. And aku ni dah la sensitip orangnya. Mudah nangis gitu! Tak bole nak tengok cerita2 over romantik. Mula la nak mengalir! he he he And this movie just teach u how to appreciate someone. Yela. Manusia ni. Mudah lupa. Tapi tidak aku! kenapa? Hmm..

Let me see. Okay. How i control my heart for not falling to other people in the same time when i do have a BF. I just keep on reminding myself "how if i LOST Him!" Ye! Semua benda tak kekal. But in a meanwhile, just cherish what you have. And i do cherish what i have now. I dont want to lose a thing! Not even a tiny bits. That's what keeping me to stay with Him. Lot's more to treasure. Kita bukan boleh mengenal hati budi seseorang dalam masa 1 or 10 tahun. It takes a million years to really know and understand your partner. Or should i say, you will never can understand them!

So guys, let's cherish with what we have now. One day, we might lost it! But at least there's no un-finished bussiness after life. Right?

MissSilent Says: Smile doesnt show you hurt! :)

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farouqdmc @ February 27, 2009 at 5:22 PM

agree.. though what has past remained past.. but it's never too late to realise and cherish every moment that you are having..