Venue Hunting!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009 / Comments (0) / by Skinny Yash

Searching for the venue again! I'm a bit nervous. It's end of February. And i haven't found one. Actually if i stick to my earlier decision to have a nice garden wedding at an actual garden it will be settle. As the place still available. In fact, till now. So no problem aite?

It's just a sudden change. I don't have any idea why in a suddenly i change the idea of having it in the actual garden. Okay, there it goes.

1. How if it's raining? Of course we never know right. Some people said Aug is a raining season. But can you see now? It's raining almost everyday. So what?

2. It's un-convenient to those with wheelchair..hmm...kesian jugak la kan...

So i guess, these is the 2 major factors. And of course, i still stick on my wedding theme. "Garden". But inside the hall maybe. See la how it goes. Worst comes to worst, i might have it in the actual garden jugak. Adoi.

Just called up Tabung Haji. I was browsing, and they have a nice hall for wedding too! Unfortunately, it's fully booked for the whole month of Aug! Damn!

MsSilent Says: It's hard when it comes to a preparation.

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