She's getting married!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009 / Comments (0) / by Skinny Yash

" Dah tau ke A*** kawin 10 okt? Dia tunang masa ko kahwin" wonder semalam beriya2 minah ni ajak jumpe! Rupenya ade berita gumbira! Wah....sangat terkejut wei! Anyway, congrats to u!!

This girl actually my hubby friend ex-gf! Alot things happen. I did wrote about her some time ago! ;) Lot Lot things has been discover. And now, me get to close with her just because we're related in some way! :) Good to hear that she's really moved on. Betul kata kamu, "that girl" sangat obsesss! ha ha ha ha.

Biar lah. Dia pon dah tunang, and nak kahwin. And i think i am overly excited coz u'll be married before Him! Jodoh kan...tiada siapa yang tahu. Ape2 pon, Congrats again! Be happy with ur life! Don't think past. Just cherish what u have now! :)

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