Monday, November 16, 2009 / Comments (0) / by Skinny Yash

At this moment of time, i'm still crying. Kenapa? Hubby just buzz me. It's about the offer he got! Yeah! He got the job! Unfortunately, he have to reject for the 2nd time. I mean again! (sigh). I was putting such a high hope that the offer will make our life change. Maybe, it's just not the right time yet huh?

I was so mad. Don't know to whom. To him? To the Manager who supposed to hire him? The HR? or maybe to myself?! I was so stupid! Why am i so excited of moving to Penang? Is it because of Penang or....?

I just told my hubby. Just stay at his current job. I wanted to tell him just STOP looking! But..i just can't. We still have to look for other opportunity too! Now..i don't know what am i thinking. Bull shit me huh?! hohoho

Berhenti Berharap....

MissSilent Says: I just not in the mood to go to the Pearl Island for a wedding that we supposed to attend! How?

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