The un-expected!

Monday, November 02, 2009 / Comments (0) / by Skinny Yash

Sometime last 2 weeks, Hubby got offered a job in Penang. I was so excited! he he he Ye la..moving out and be at some other place other than KL..For me, Penang ok la. If kat Kelantan ke..Melaka ke..I rather stay here! he he he

Unfortunately, he rejected the offer! Reason? He didn't get as what he expected. Hmm. We discussed before he really made the decision. A lot of consideration. So, terpaksa akur.

This morning, hubby called me! Hmm..what's up? He told me the company that he reject the offer call him back. Telling him that he got another technical phone interview! When i heard that, saya tersangat lah gembira! You know what, we reject the offer, and what makes the company call back? Padahal, hari tu beriya2 dia cakap the salary has been finalised. Silly kan? So, i just told hubby just take the interview another round. Anyway, it's just a syarat that makes them wanna do another technical interview. Padahal, they don't have any other suitable candidates dah pon! he he he. So the chances to get as what he expected high la! ;)

But in other way, hubby macam dah lost interest. I ask why? He mentioned it's about me. "U dah seronok dengan kerja u. Kesian la..." What???? ha ha ha ha. YES! I'm happy with my job now! But i double up happiness if u really got the job!!

Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku, Ko mudahkan lah perjalanan hidup kami. Amin.

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