Mahu travel ke Sydney?

Wednesday, March 31, 2010 / Comments (1) / by Skinny Yash

Good website to those who want's to travel to Sydney!

You can check on 131500.

This website will show you how to get to your destination from your place. And it gives you option too! Macam nak jalan kaki ke, nak naik train ke, bus ke. And i'm proud of their bus and train timetable. Waaaaaay better than KL. :) You can check how much is the train fare from where to where. And they have alot options on travel pass! Check it out yourself ye! ;)

You can check on World Taximeter website too!

I've been using this website to check how much is the taxi cab would cost me. Of course not exactly la. But roughly around that price. Trust me! ;)

Tu je kot dulu. Ada siapa-siapa nak holiday or honeymoon to Sydney, let me know! I'll try to help you to get around here! I Sudah semakin mahir around Sydney! ha ha ha ha

Top-less @ Bondi Beach!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010 / Comments (2) / by Skinny Yash

Fine. Hubby dah sampai US. So, we are like very far far from each other. :( But internet always makes us feel close... :) Cuma tak dapat nak videocall coz his notebook got no camera, unlike mine! ;p

So, i think everyone getting crazy when i upload the Bondi beach (pronounce as Bon-day) pictures! he he he I guess here alot more top-less than Manly. But i still prefer MANLY! :)

We took a train from Chatswood Station to Bondi Junction (cost us $12aud return). Anyway, you still have to go down at Town Hall Station to take the other train to go to Bondi Junction. Reached at Bondi Junction, we took a bus (333 or 380). That cost us $2aud/person/trip. So, easy to go Bondi Beach right? :)

Here's a sneak peek!

Bondi Beach!


Skinny Yash @Bondi u'olsss!

ppl sun-bathing

okay i pon nak sun-bathing! (budget putih melepak!) ;p

i dont know why i upload this! ;p

beach boy 1

beach couple! ;)

sexy kan?! i know~! ha ha ha ha

this one too! ;p

and last but not least

the nudist! ;)

So, my mission to find a topless photos accomplised! Good job huh?! ;) That's what my boss said, "Keep It Up" ha ha ha ha ha

he's up there...

Saturday, March 27, 2010 / Comments (0) / by Skinny Yash

First time didn't heard anything from my hubby the whole day...
miss him alot!
Hope, he reach US safely! ;)

Shhh...i guess he still in the plane...

Cubaan blend in menjadi Australian! ;p

Saturday, March 27, 2010 / Comments (8) / by Skinny Yash

woot woot

Nothing much to say...
 from this....
THIS! ;)

Happy Saturday everybody!!!!!!!!!!!Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Thanks for the Award!

Friday, March 26, 2010 / Comments (0) / by Skinny Yash

Cik Ami,...i don't deserve this..Ye saya tak se-fofular kamu.. :)

anyway, Thanks coz include me in the list! ;)

7 things about me:
  • kadang-kadang makan banyak, tapi tak gemuk-gemuk!
  • currently in Sydney now! *w/o my husband
  • suka nasi goreng cina & milo ice
  • I love greeeeeeeeeeeeen!
  • benci bila orang selalu cakap saya "Kurus" *kata-kata itu satu doa*
  • peramah bertempat... :p
  • love my husband! :)

 Shh...ada sapa-sapa nak bagi saya award lagi? ;)

Stroller oh Stroller

Friday, March 26, 2010 / Comments (6) / by Skinny Yash

Usually, Thursday night all the shops in Australia will be close later than usual. If normal, diorang open at 9am until 5pm..But today, they close at 8.30pm..So i think better keje dekat Shopping Mall rather than keje kat IT company which cause u alot more headache kan? he he he

So, as i was walking i saw a stroller that really caught my attention..

cool kan? I forgot the brand, but i really think that's cool enough for my baby later. So, terus rasa nak beli immediately eventhough i'm not pregnant! But, after i looked at the price, it cost me 1776AUD weih! Mak aiiih.....bak kata Abg Johnny, kalau convert duit Malaysia dah bole buat downpayment kereta dah! :)

As he will be going to US this weekend, so we planned to buy a stroller IFFFFFF really worth it to us! :) Semangat berkobar-kobar gitu. Pregnant nye tak lagi pon! :p Coz we heard that there more cheaper than buy in Malaysia. So, see how it goes.....kalau ade rezeki, beli la..kalau tak..Jusco pon ade kan.. ;)

Here are some stroller that really caught my attention

i saw someone use this. and it looks so cool!

this one too!! ;)

me @ Chatswood Chase! ala-ala Pavilion gitu!

 Shh...Syg, belikan untuk i satu stroller seperti diatas tu ye! :)

The BAD NEWS for 2010

Wednesday, March 24, 2010 / Comments (5) / by Skinny Yash

To cut short, i'm going back to Penang this Saturday! It maybe a good news, but BAD NEWS too! Ye la..bayangkan, my flight will be Saturday morning and sampai penang maybe night or petang. But my husband will be flying off to US oso on the sama day which is Saturday morning! So, there's no way we can actually berenti tengah jalan..and hug hug kis kis..tak de selisih-selisih okay!

I actually terasa when someone said, "kesian...sorang pergi...sorang balik...then sorang balik..sorang kene pergi balik.." It sounds terrible okay! Macam takde jodoh pulak! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just take it as dugaan dari Tuhan. Mungkin juga rezeki buat kami...Semuanya ada hikmah disebalik apa yang terjadi. All is un-planned. Hmmm...

I know alot of you guys yang baru kahwin, or dah lama pernah mengalami or sedang mengalaminya. Now i understand how it feels. Takpe, maybe for the 1st and 2nd day i akan terasa sangat..But when the time goes by, everything will be okay kot...HOPEFULLY!

Since petang at office, till now at home, i keep on YM dengan my hubby. Yela. I rindu die gile babi siot!! Serious rindu gileeeer!!Siap nangis-nangis coz he was too worry bout me staying at home alone masa dia takde! I said, i'll be fine..Coz i pon dah biasa duduk sorang2! Ingat dapat balik awal, can meet him 1 or 2 pon! ;(

Apa-apa pon, frankly speaking i got no mood to come back to Penang or either stay in Sydney! ;(

To whoever pesan me sorry....coz i got no time to jalan2 and cari all your barang..coz i just got to know that i have to come back to Penang already! Here kedai semua close at 5pm. So, tak sempat! ;p

I MISS MY HUSBAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Should it be good news or...Bad news??

Wednesday, March 24, 2010 / Comments (6) / by Skinny Yash

1. I'll be coming back to Penang this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2. My husband will be flying off to US on the same day...

So, what should i feel now...???????

I'm not migrating!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010 / Comments (2) / by Skinny Yash

Hey! Someone called me from KL. And she thought that i'm migrating to Sydney! NO i'm not! he he he. So, anyone want to have a glimpse at my new apartment. Let's check it out!

living room

the kitchen (sume peralatan dah siap!)

washing machine & dryer

my room for this whole month!

from the living room

typical toilet! (harus takde paip/hos) ;(

Mantra Apartment, Chatswood

Currently, i'm staying here in Mantra Apartment in Chatswood. Nice quiete apartment. Near to the Chatswood station which actually a central for you to take a train or bus to city or maybe to suburbs. And most of the restaurant, food, shops for Asian you find it here. I'm not talking about Malaysian, but China, and korean! There's alot of chinese and korean restaurant here!

For me, it's just nice for me to travel to Frenchs Forest where my office was. It just a walking distance to the bus station, and the Westfield Mall too!! 7-Eleven is just around the corner. And we got one bar here (just beside my apt) called Chelsea bar! It's a happening place for working people to have a drink after work! Looks cool, but havent tried it yet! :p And there's a Indian min market who sells curry powder, papodom, beras...and semua2 la! So, basically apa jua asian food pon diorang dah ada. So, tak payah risau. :) In fact, maggi pon dah ada sini! ;)

So, anyone interested in staying here below is the info.

10 Brown Street
Chatswood NSW 2067

or you can check on the website

Weekend @Manly Beach

Monday, March 22, 2010 / Comments (4) / by Skinny Yash

i promise u to give an update kan? hmm. My first weekend in Sydney was awesome!! I purposedly plan to have a blast weekend just to get rid of my homesick! :)

So last saturday, we went to Manly Beach! It's one of the popular beach in Sydney. And, owh...sungguh breezing okay! Permandangan sangatlah cantik. Plus the life saver! ha ha ha. Lot's of people sun bathing. Tak payah la i pon nak sun bathing kot. Dah cukup tanned nih! :) While i was walking to search a good spot for us, i saw somebody topless!! huuuuuuuu....! And nobody cares at all. Cuba kalau i yang topless, lagi lah takde orang nak heran kan?! ha ha ha

I can't remember when was the last time i mandi laut. And here, i just don't want to miss it! The big wave mcm memanggil-manggil je. :P And, once i got into the water, perghhhhhhhhhhhh..rasa macam tak nak naik balik! We are just keep on waiting and waiting for a big wave to come after us! Of course bukan tsunami! After a while, we heard the life guard put on whistle. Calling everybody back to the beach! Panic!!!Panic!!! And you know what, i heard someone's talking that somebody saw a SHARK!!!!!!!! A SHARK!!!!!!!!!!!O....M...G!!!! And there goes our weekend at Manly Beach! :) I really had fun there! And the worst part is, when you have to see every couple on the beach kissing each other!!! :( That makes me miss my husband more...

Some picture for your view....

Sydney Opera House

the Sydney Bridge

walking around The Rocks Market

on the Ferry to Manly

waiting for the Shark???! ;p

boringgggg! ;P

that's our weekend!

How great if "you" can be here...and spend the weekend with me..:)

Helloooo from Sydney!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010 / Comments (10) / by Skinny Yash

Hello from Sydney guys!!!

Sorry for the late updates! I'm just been busy this few days and till my project ends. ;( Everyone was wondering what the hell i'm doing here exactly. Okay. Just a quick one. I'm one of the Q2C project team. So, for this coming April, they will launched it in Sydney! So, that's why i'm here. Assisting the trainer while he run the class. :) or maybe ;(

What am i going to say about sydney? Hmm..lots..lots..lotsss of things to share! But the most important things for you to know is, I REALLY MISS MY HUSBAND RIGHT NOW!! And you know what, on the very 1st day, i dah start counting days to come back home! ;( and sungguh memalukan, i menangis every night coz i miss him so much! And now i did it again! ;( It would be great IF he CAN come here....which is he CAN'T! :(

Nanti i share pasal Sydney pulak ye...sekarang have to go back to my class, continue my training. :)

Cheers bebeh!

Night before i'm off to the land down under...

Saturday, March 13, 2010 / Comments (3) / by Skinny Yash

I should be sleeping right now, but i just can't! Today i'll be leaving to Sydney. Nothing pack yet. And i still need to buy something before i go off. Hmm. Suddenly rasa macam sedih2. How am i going to sleep without my husband at the side. Tadi baring-baring sekejap pon, dah macam sedih-sedih. Hmm. I will miss him so much! I Bet! Dah la aku ni memang cengeng kan! huh!

Thought of flying him off to Sydney too! But, he still haven't confirm with his visa to US yet, so tak boleh la. Banyak benda tak settle lagi. Anyway, i got all my money already and will leave to my husband some  portion of it. Takut shopping habis nanti! ;) There is a Western union! So, kalau tak cukup, senang je nak mintak duit! he he he. Oh, did i tell you where will i stay? I'll be staying in Novotel Darling Harbour! Woohoooo! They said, it has a stunning view! hmm.. wondering how would it be. And my boss pon siap pesan, ade casino 5 minutes walking distance je from that hotel! ha ha ha. Macam la i gamble!

Anyway, yesterday was my last day training at Penang. And everyone of them congratulate me of going to sydney first. Hmm. I'll be seeing them in a couple of weeks. So, not a big deal! :) Now i'm worried about the weather. Ye la, aku ni bukan banyak lemak sangat! Even aircond kat rumah pon tak boleh tahan. Now, the weather is like 19degrees. So, how cold is that, i have no idea!

the Team from Penang! see how our work place!

and i'll be missing Him alot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;(

Shh...if i got time, i'll update you more before i go off okay! Need to sleep now!

Latest Info!

Friday, March 12, 2010 / Comments (4) / by Skinny Yash

I did very well on my assestment! The trainer did ask wether im nervous! NO, i'm NOT! he he he. Atas belajar bersungguh-sungguh agaknya! ;p

The admin just got me in confused and un-happy! Initially, we will be giving a service apartment which with 2 bedrooms, but because of her own mistake, now all the rooms are fully booked! You know the holiday just started! Damn! And im not happy at all. So, i terus direct with "somebody" that i'm not happy with the current arrangement which is 1 bedroom share with another person!

Luckily, my boss understand! And now, we are waiting for that confirmation. :) My boss will be staying in Novotel, Darling Harbour! Really a nice one! But, i'm still waiting for our booking! Don't know where yet! In case, korang nak have a view on which apartment i'll be staying in Sydney, check Sebel Residence, Chatswood. ;) I'll be staying there with all the team mates on my last week in Sydney!

So catch with u guys later!

Shh...nak beli bikini ke tak ni? ;p

Morning korang!!

Friday, March 12, 2010 / Comments (0) / by Skinny Yash


Hopefully you guys in a good condition. :) Today will be my last day training in Penang. And will leave the rest of the team mates. Anyway, they will going there too! But 2 weeks later. So, today i have my final assestment. Later at 9.AM. Oh God. Sungguh takut!

Ok. I think kena beredar sekarang. Sambung study!


This is Scary!

Thursday, March 11, 2010 / Comments (4) / by Skinny Yash

ok. This is scary! I just got a news that our accomodation is booked for 3 days ONLY. In fact, it should be 30+ days. And the management wanted to rebook, unfortunately it's already FULLY BOOKED! And now, they have to find other service apartment for me. Oh boy! I'll be flying off from Penang on Saturday evening. And this is so scary when there is a un-certainty.

Hmm. Boss told us that im going to stay in a more expensive place compared to the others. Hmm. Anyway, that's not my problem too anyway! he he he As long as there's a good transportation, than it would be fine. ;)

Will update you more.


It's Confirmed!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010 / Comments (9) / by Skinny Yash

Okay. Now only i can talk. I just received my itinerary for my travel this weekend. Kemana? Hmm. okay SYDNEY! NO! NO!  I'm not honeymooning  or holiday, tapi atas dasar kerja ye! :)

For the past few weeks, i've been searching and googling here and there on where to eat, how's the transportation, where is the location, and haruslah, tempat-tempat yang WAJIB anda lawati. Yeah, if i wanted to to go for a vacation, now is not the right time yet. Financial crisis la weih. Kahwin punye pasal, sangkut macam-macam. But, this actually a business trip. My job require me to travel to Sydney for 1 month. Owh.. ;(

A lot of people are sending me to the airport. The boss, hubby, In-Laws. Macam nak migrate pulak kan. Actually, i don't need everyone to send me. My husband will do! (ye la, nak nangis-nangis, nak peluk-peluk cium dulu!) haishhhh! I need him until on the very last minute before i depart. Ala, sebulan je pon. Bukan setahun. Don't think that it would be the last time u would see me kan. It couldn't be that bad kan....Macam i pergi berperang pulak! ho ho ho

You know what, in some part of my mind, i was so happy! Ye la, sapa tak happy! Bekerja and at the same time berjalan-jalan! Semua ditanggung! But another part of my mind, something got hold me back. Of course, My husband! Ye la..anyway, this is my 2nd time traveling alone. The last time rakan sebilik adelah rakan berpelukan. So we share the same room! But this time, i have to sleep alone! Huargghhhh.....takutnya! Nanti nak peluk sapa!!! Nanti nak berbontotkan sapa. I got this habit, which is whenever i sleep kan, i harus bersentuhan. Tak kisah la tang mana pon. Janji i can feel the touch. Confirm boleh tido! Owh..and of course, bantal harus kumun2!! (berkerumun) he he he. Lagi banyak, lagi best! Pastu, tutup semua satu badan dengan bantal, and comforter yang ada. legaaaa....he he he. My husband really gets annoy of my habit. he he he. Tapi dia  layan kan aje. ho ho ho

Back to the story, and this is my first time, since i know Him i could not celebrate his birthday together. :( Lepas 3 hari, baru i balik ke Malaysia. Adoi. And i was wondering, what can i plan. Earlier flight maybe? Hmm..NOT POSSIBLE! :(

Shh...Keep It Simple & Stupid

Calling all the blogshop Owner!

Monday, March 08, 2010 / Comments (1) / by Skinny Yash

I am just too busy, tired to browse, blog hopping and look for a blogshop for clothing. Anyone, who can give me an active link u are much appreciated!

What i can see now is, a lot of blog selling clothes are now retiring from the business. Or are they getting a new place call "shop" to do business. So they don't need a blog for that already. Hmm. I guess i still need a blogshop even-though i never bought it online. he he he. So, i just might want to try this time round. I think it's pretty trusted  right? If not, why must they keep on buying through the net. he he he

So, for whoever have bought it online what are you guys suggested? Is it really worth it? Can they be trusted? Which blogs that actively update their products? So, response to me please..........

Shh...thanks to those who leave me a comment in my previous post! Really appreciate that! ;)

Mana nak cari Maxi Dress?

Saturday, March 06, 2010 / Comments (3) / by Skinny Yash

Actually, nak mintak tolong korang ni.

Disebabkan sekarang ala-ala musim summer, autumn gitu, i nak cari maxi dress yang small size. I know mostly yang jual all free size kan. Tak kisah lah! Just leave a comment and let me know where or which blog shop.

Owh, and im looking for a mini skirt yang cotton tu. Cute sangat! Sapa tahu blog mana jual? I saw it at Gurney Drive, tapi mahal sangat! Sampai RM60. Tak berbaloi okay!

FYI, i prefer buy it online or any idea where to find it anywhere in Penang? Harga haruslah bawah RM50. Lagi murah lagi bagus! ;)

Thanksssss a bunch! MmUUUUUAaaaahh! Tolong ek! me plis...

Kerja Kerja Kerja

Wednesday, March 03, 2010 / Comments (0) / by Skinny Yash

Maafkan ku kiranya blog ku ini sudah semakin boring. hu hu hu. Serious Penat. The whole day kat office memang training memanjang. Sampai takde masa nak bukak FB! (Okay tipu! Bukak dalam 2 minit just to check msg.) ;) Tried to open Yahoo, YM, Gmail. Dengan bangganya nak bagitahu no access to it! muahahahaha. At last, life ku telah di kongkong habis habisan. Terbaiklah!

But our IM for internal using still can communicate with external communication macam YM, and MSN. Luckily. But i cuma add my husband je, in case emergency kan. Kalau add yang lain2 kang, tak jadi kerja aku! hu hu hu Okla, i need to do a lot of revision now. Tunggulah weekend nanti, baru ade mood nak berpoya-poya dalam blog ni kot. :)

Shh...want to be the best among the rest!

First Day @ Work

Monday, March 01, 2010 / Comments (4) / by Skinny Yash

Harini exhausted. Serious penat. Walaupon first day adelah sinonim dengan relax, tapi kami dah banyak benda di intro kan. Laptop masih di IT Department. Esok baru dapat. That's why i tak beronline satu hari waktu bekerja ;p

Semua tanya keje baru macam mana? Hmm. Macam mana nak cerita ek? Okla. First day kan, can't observe much. Some of them, saya selesa and some not. Ada juga cobaan untuk menjadi buddy-buddy ku. Tapi anda tidak layak! he he he he Jahat! Owh, and this job requires me to travel. ;) Kemana? Nanti-nanti saya cerita okay.

What i can see, D*ll environment sangat cool. Oh ye, saya sekarang bekerja di D*ll, Penang. ;) Cool bukan sebab kerja, cuma sebab we can wear casual everyday instead of only friday macam sesetengah pejabat tu kan. So, tak payah la saya nak berpening lalat memikirkan apa baju nak pakai esok. :) Tapi macam tak cukup baju casual pulak! Takpe, budget saya dari Abg Johnny masih ada baki. Boleh shopping lagi! Yeay!

Kalau tak cakap pasal cafeteria ni, macam tak boleh. D*ll has a big cafeteria in its building. And the price consider so-so la. Standard cafeteria. But the food is not enough tastefully for me to go for a 2nd time. hu hu hu. Kena consider makan luar ni, or tapau aje! And they do provide vending machine for drinks. And guess what, kena BAYAR! ha ha ha. Typical vending machine! Yang cuma ada milo dengan nescafe. 60 Sen! Adoi. Rindu pulak kat *racle Office yang boleh bantai choco-cino yang lazat sehari 8gelas! hu hu hu

Shh...esok hari yang panjang lagi.. Wish me luck!

Tunggu cerita saya!

Monday, March 01, 2010 / Comments (0) / by Skinny Yash

I di office baru hari ini.

Wish me luck!

Shh...dengar cerita, sana tak bole nak surf WWW. Mampos aku! ;p