Kahwin Cepat?

Sunday, May 23, 2010 / Comments (3) / by Skinny Yash

It's 10months after we've been married. Yeah of course ade ups and down. Biasa la tu.

Anyway, that's life you have to go through. I got few friends yang tergedik-gedik nak kahwin awal. In fact, they are all 23! Can you imagine that? And i did ask them, what makes them to get married at this age? Hmm..sila lah berfoya-foya dulu. And their answer was, "susah la..nak keluar kena bagitau parents.." "balik lambat tak bole.." "kalau nak lepak sesama, kena check-in..." Hmm...thats'normal kan. In fact kite dulu pon berfikir macam tu. And the easier way, get married! Habis cite. But to those who think married is the last resort for you, please...berfikir dahulu. Bukan mengikut perasaan. Cuba Pakai otak!

Ye! Bagi yang perempuan, of course korang dah tak payah nak report apa2 to your family. But it turns out to your husband. Every single thing you do have to get a permission from him. I got one friend who said,"i want to get marry with him because he was so open, sporting..and he agreed i should not cook!" bla bla bla....And you know what my answer is...?! " Sebelum kahwin lain, lepas kahwin you'll see..." Tak tahu korang agreed on that ke tak. But i based on my experience maybe. Guys always wants the best from us. To be frank, he wants us to be exactly like their mom. So, up to you how to handle this situation. Different people different style. :)

Bagi yang lelaki, there's not much things different on them. Maybe tanggungjawab tu dah bertambah la. Coz kene jaga makan, minum, pakai, tempat tinggal si isteri. But what's the different, isteri pon bekerja jugak kan? Untuk siapa? Untuk the family jugak. So, we are equal! But the different thing to women is, whatever we earn, we can't simply shop! Kena report dulu apa nak beli, kena simpan-simpan dulu for future. So, we don't have our freedom to our won money..huhuhu..pity...

So, untuk yang sibuk nak kahwin awal..pikir la masak semasak nya. You bukan kahwin dengan your bf je..but you are married to the whole side of his family. Interesting kan? So, if you think you are matured enough to get married, go on! And Congratulations!!! :)

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diana luna @ May 24, 2010 at 10:01 AM

apakah maksud post blog ko ni Yash!!!! aku lagi 3 minggu je ni weiii!

Skinny Yash @ May 24, 2010 at 2:03 PM

ha ha ha ha! umur ko tu 23 ke makcik?????!!!!!

itu untuk umur yg tertera kat dlm blog tu je!! ha ha ha hah a

Skinny Yash @ May 24, 2010 at 2:04 PM

ha ha ha ha! umur ko tu 23 ke makcik?????!!!!!

itu untuk umur yg tertera kat dlm blog tu je!! ha ha ha hah a