Bersyukur sangat!!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010 / Comments (2) / by Skinny Yash

I was demotivated again. Kenapakah? Hmm. Suprisingly, my Boss help me to find other job within D*LL. Why? Owh..our South Asia project comes to an end. Anyway, it was a succesful launched! And there are another big project coming in another 1-2 years. Which we also don't know what are status for now. So, like my boss promised before, dia mengotakan janji nya.

Anyway, i just forward my resume to him but in a not very excited feeling. I'm supposed to be happy kan? But i'm not! Sebab that's not my dream job. I want to continue with my dream. But now, i just have to continue to work rather than expanding my career! blueeek! ;p

So girls, Good Opportunity comes once in a lifetime. If you are in a Good Luck, then maybe it will pass by your faith again. :) As for me, i think the luck is there cuma not as good as before! :) And yesterday, hubby was talking about migrating, Australia, and so on..It's just don't excite me in anyway. Shit happen! hu hu hu
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