Datuk Kong blessing Ceremony!

Saturday, June 19, 2010 / Comments (2) / by Skinny Yash

In regards to our project that will be launched this coming Monday, our PMO has invited the rest of the Project Team to join the Datuk Kong Blessing Ceremony. Apekah Datuk Kong itu? Hmm. Korang mesti tertanya-tanya kan? he he he Nak cerita kelakar bunyi nya. But that's what D*ll employee believes.

Datuk Kong or Na Tuk Kong in Hokkien (sila google, wikepedia ada!) :) ni macam penunggu or senang cerita macam Abang kawasan situ lah! :p I ada gak tanya my boss, Datuk Kong ni melayu ke cina sebab i saw few tongkat and kopiah kat belakang tokong tu. And his answered was, "MIXED"! ha ha ha ha. Whatever la! But they reallly really percaya on these Datuk Kong.
 see the tongkat and the kopiah *alamak, scary la plak*

And for chinese, they can't eat pork before see Datuk Kong. Kira kena macam bersih lah sebelum sembahyang. And after those blessing ceremony, they provide makan-makan for lunch! *Itu yang kami suka* And you know what they serve? Pulut kuning!!! And some nyonya kueh! As per my boss, that is normal thing they will provide when there is a Datuk Kong blessing! :)

And i insist tak nak makan, konon-konon those pulut kuning tu dah disembahyangkan kat belakang tokong tu ke apa..And my boss overheard that maybe, so he really confident kan i yang it's 100% HALAL for a 100% certified halal restaurant! :) ha ha ha. OK..OK.. Boss. I know! :)

So, there goes our Datuk kong blessing of the day. Find it funny in some way. But people have their own believing. So, just respect je la! Bukan percaya. Layan kan ajeeeee.... ;)

menuggu giliran nak jumpa Datuk Kong

our boss sending the special message *wink*
pathway to Datuk Kong place


Last but not least...

part of the team. (some in BKK, Sydney and Cyber!)

MissSilent Says: Semoga Datuk Kong puas makan pulut kuning tadi! :)

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cik bit @ June 19, 2010 at 4:11 PM

share pulut kuning ngn Datuk Kong x?

Skinny Yash @ June 20, 2010 at 3:15 PM

ha ha ha...xde nye saya mkn cik bit oi... ;p