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Saturday, August 28, 2010 / Comments (0) / by Skinny Yash

I did talked to someone about me getting no offer..and after few minutes, another person ping me and offered a job which requires me to travel. Sounds interesting huh! :) And of course a contract too. That the sad part! ;( At one side, it's a good job i guess..but when i think about the contract, i feel reluctantly. Not just because of the contract, to leave my husband being a single man here also one of the reason! :p In fact, dia pulak beriya-iya suruh i travel. *Weird*

Today, 26th August *approximately a month before my birthday* my boss called me and gave me an opportunity to attend one interview. The interviewer schedule today itself! Ah! Tak berapa nak excited coz dahla harini pakai baju kurung! Semalam pakai cantik2 xmau panggil interview! he he he. Anyway, the interview went well. I mean so well! He's a nice guy from what i can see during the interview. *Hopefully* After a 15minutes chit-chat, he giving me a sign that "you're hired"! :P ha ha ha From what i heard, the job is pretty simple, anyway it still scares me! :P After the interview session, he right away look for my boss and discuss about hiring me. *MAYBE* And he came back and look for me to give the good news! :)  Owh! Not a lady Boss! Thank God again! :)

Anyway, my Boss said don't be too excited. ouch! Takut! Anyway, it's only about the salary package. I have no idea what they will giving me later on. Just wait until next week! :)

MissSilent Says: God hears my pray i guess. And i won't ignore my responsibility to Him. InsyaAllah :)

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