How to apply US VISA?

Thursday, September 30, 2010 / Comments (0) / by Skinny Yash

It's a sudden decision to go to US. Purpose? Accompany my husband on his business trip and obviously transport and accommodation nothing to be think of! :) I just need to think of my VISA and Flight tix! Tapi itu pon dah macam-macam hal! :p

First, haruslah make payment di Alliance Bank RM517 for application fee. Harga application ni kadang-kadang berubah. So always check in their website for an update.

Settle bayar, you have to wait 1 day (24hours), baru you bole schedule for Interview appointment (use IE). And you will see the available schedule  will show as below. Before that, they will ask you few question eg:Visa Category and Visa Class. Ni kena pasti betul-betul. Jangan salah! If Visa Class salah still bole proceed for the interview. But if salah choose on Visa category, you kena cancel the appointment and do it everything again. Which i did experience before! ;p

So, once settle schedule tu, print out the confirmation. Check and Double check. Harus ye! :)

Then....just wait till your date of interview.... :)

MissSilent says: Nanti i update on the Interview day pulak ye! :)

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