Entry Berangan dan Aku Benci!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010 / Comments (6) / by Skinny Yash

Now 12.30am. I can't even close my eyes. Johnny dah tidoq. I don't know what was i thinking. I am coming back after this weekend. And it's just too fast babe! Too fast! These 2 months macam tak rasa je. :( I met a new friends again. Those are Malaysian in San Jose. And they are sooooooo nice!!

Today, i went for a shopping spree with Sheilla new friend whom from Japan who's husband got posting here in the U.S for 2 years. Pregnant i think 4-5 months kot. Got a baby boy yang sangat handsome! And Auntie Ainal who have been here for the last 4-5 years with her daughter Tikah just graduate high school! :)

See! I dah ramai kawan! And it makes me lost my touch to Penang! Owh! Apakah aku lupa daratan?! I just loved to be here.  Tak tau kenapa. I think because surrounded by nice friends, cheap branded things, tons of nicesst place to go. Sigh. I just want to stay, if i could.........

Once i jumped in the car, hubby told me "Director i hint, offering me a permanent here" And i was like.. NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKKKKKK!! JOMMMMMMM!! And his respond was "Tak nak lah!" T_T Terus sedih aku! Hubby cakap, "ha..u duduk la sini sensorang..i nak balik!" Ceh..takde harapan aku nak duduk sini. :(

Once, i have this plan that i wanted to stay in Australia. Dah survey how's transportation would be, how the house price. Cuma rezeki job for my husband je tak kena, so we forget about it. Because main concern of course la hubby's job kan. Sebab dia adalah sumber utama kewangan family kami. :) Now, i have this thought...wanted to stay in the U.S. Ala..2-3 years pon jadilah. Just to take experience and kumpul duit. And of course can explore more about U.S kan. So, just now when having dinner with Auntie Ainal's family and Sheilla's family, diorang pulun la cucuk-cucuk laki aku! ha ha ha. Aku pon dengan harapan la..Johnny nak tukaq fikiran..Which i know..he wont.. :(

Like what Autie Ainal said, we all masih muda. Take the experience. If got the opportunity, take it. Time ni la nak kumpul duit pon. Before ada deret-deret anak kan. Nanti nak pindah randah pon susah dengan anak sekolah lagi. So, now just a right and nice time to take a step ahead. :) This is what they told me, they can survive if only the husband is working. Sebab mostly barang-barang sini murah. No toll, no parking fees (mostly la..). So, mostly they still can survive. And i was telling Johnny that i will continue doing my business. So bole la tambah pendapatan kan?!

Tapi, imi semua adalah angan-angan yang tak mungkin akan tercapai kan? Ala..sedihnya! I was hoping i got job here, so obviously suami ku akan move ke sini juga! In fact we don't have anything there back in Malaysia. Kereta je la harta kami! Oh ye, plus Kedai! And family of course la. But we do have technology right. Internet makes the far comes closer. So, nothing to worry about.

Ala..apa entry mengade and berangan ni. Benci!!!!

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MissB @ November 10, 2010 at 5:25 PM

Owh bestnya! My husband is looking for an opportunity to work there..tapi takdak rezeki lagi.. You guys are lucky! Ada peluang, grab it! While masih muda ni la nak make more $$ and experience kerja kat tempat org..hehe ;D

Salam kenal :)

reena @ November 10, 2010 at 6:47 PM

Babeeeee! I pun teringin sangat nak dok over the sea. Ni korang dapat chance keja sat kat oversea pun untung at least ada experience than kami yg stuck kat sini. Haha. Hg tau tak, secretly i wish (and berangan) yg bf aku dpt keja kat Hollywood then we move there. Hahaha. cita2 tinggi! :p

{f a r a h} @ November 10, 2010 at 9:18 PM

Laki ko xnk,meh bagi keja tu kat aku

Aku dh boring dok oz ni...nk duk US lak..tapi tu la,kitaorg nk kesana jadi mcm pendtg plak.. X dpt benefit pape dr govt. Kat sini kitaorg bakal Ada Umah sendri next year, benefit utk resident sume dpt...walaupun boring Akan ku gagahkan juga.

Skinny Yash @ November 11, 2010 at 2:29 AM

MissB: tu la..time ni la pon bole nak grab anything that comes. kang dah gendong2 anak..xdapekla kan..he he he. Salam kenal dari saya jugak! :)

Reena: Nak dok over the sea..dah over the sea pon, walaupon kat Penang je kan! he he he. Hollywood? I don't think u want to be there IF u really2 know how's the pace actually. Dah la crime banyak sana! And hollywood tu, plg GAH pon satu jalan tu je la. yg lain sume korok weih! :p

Farah: tu la..sini pendtg xdak apa2 benefir pon. xmcm OZ. Good to hear that u really stand firm with ur decision to settle down kat sana. walaupon sangat banyak bende yg dah jadik kan! (especially yg org mati dlm rumah sewa ko dulu tu) takut weih! Good Luck to u dalam menempuhi apa jua halangan yg bakal tiba..and me..berharap macam bulan jatuh ke riba je la... ;(

cik @ November 27, 2010 at 7:32 AM

wahh .. i know aunty ainal .. what a small world!

indeed what she says is true, pi la cari makan kat luaq tumpang masih dok muda lagi nih

Skinny Yash @ November 27, 2010 at 12:45 PM

yes!sgt kecil dunia kite ye! :) aunty ainal is a nice person! uncle shuhaimi too! down to earth je diorg..good! enjoy having a friend like them! :)