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Friday, December 24, 2010 / Comments (2) / by Skinny Yash

Heloo Heloo Hello......Selamat Datang ke layout baru saya! hehehe. If you guys perasan, there's still a few things yang i tak sempat nak edit-edit lagi. Berpinau mata weih nak baca coding satu-satu! Esok lusa je la aku sambung ye! :) Ini adalah bersempena menyambut Tahun 2011. :)

Updated Status of Interview:
At 4pm, The Interviewer called in. I tengah beriya-iya depan laptop study apa-apa yang patut. And she sounds so different. Not as excited as yesterday. So, i dah dapat tangkap. Confirm post tu dah xde! And guess what?! Position tu dah tak available. hehehe. And she being kind call me and have a chit chat with me. At least, she still have the courtesy to tell me frankly la kan. Honestly i don't mind. :) Maybe because dok terpikir ada satu lagi job offer coming in very sooooooon..so..takde la nak patah hati sangat! hehehe End up, the interviewer and me was talking about shopping in US! hahaha. Yes! She's been there during with H*. So, we sharing our memories for that 15minutes. Afterall, i still want to thank my Ex-Boss for giving me the opportunity to try for that position. Maybe bukan rezeki saya kan. Tak pe. :)

Upcoming Status of Interview
YES! It's confirm. Later at 10am i got my last interview with "The Other Company". It's the 3rd round u'oll. And i'm really really hoping that i got the job. :) Apa-apa pon, tunggu je la i punye update next entry ye! And i still need you guys nye wish for me!! Previous entry sorang je wish i!! Mana yang lain nihhhhhhhhh..... Grrrrrrr

bro, sis n mom (i curik kat FB dia)

Skinny Yash Says: My mom, sis and brother is here. Cuti-cuti Malaysia la katakan.. :)

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5h3r4 @ December 24, 2010 at 10:27 AM

wish u all the best. pecaya rezeki tu tetap ade. (sila update url blog aku ye)

Ami Schaheera @ December 24, 2010 at 4:16 PM

good luck on the other job! and love layout ni <3