1Shamelin, Pandan Perdana retail lot to let/sale

Monday, December 12, 2011 / Comments (0) / by Skinny Yash

Terpanggil to update on our Retail lot yang hubs beli for the past 3-4 years. And they only managed to open for business around August lepas.

Up till today, progress sangat la lembab. But there are shops/restaurant/cinema yang dah start operation. Such as, TGV, Old Town, Sport Shop..and others. You can check out MostLuv blog. Sebab dia rajin update kedai-kedai yang baru bukak kat 1Shamelin tu. :)

I, myself pon jarang sangat nak pergi check out, sebab jauh kan! Jauh ke dari Cheras?hahaha Ok tipu. So, initially i wanted to open my own retail shop coz seeing there are lots of students and teenagers kat sana kan, maybe diorang suka shopping. But, memandangkan others retail shop pon belum dibuka (yang berdekatan dgn our lot) so, i have to think twice. Risky, but kalau shopping mall ni betul2 menjadi..It's more than worth it! :) InsyaAllah.

In the mean time, i'm still open my retail lot in 1Shamelin (very near to the main escalator and Ground Floor) to be sell or rent. More info, check out 1 Shamelin Facebook page.

108 sq ft.
Rental: RM 2,000 (2 years contract included maintenance)
Sale: RM 250,000 (negotiable)


Hardware Cafe @ Space U8, Bukit Jelutong

Thursday, December 08, 2011 / Comments (3) / by Skinny Yash

Just found out that dalam dunia blogging ni ada jugak Malaysian yang start with TTC group. I ingat B2B je yang ada. hehehe. Anyway, would be great to join them now. Start reading some of their stories from Day 1 of TTC till they successfully got pregnant! Congratsss to them!

Nantilah baru update lagi.

BTW, there's new Cafe open at Space u8 - Malaysia's 1st Eco Mall

Hardware Cafe Owned by my aunt, uncle and their business partner. It's actually cafe combined with a hardware shop. So, when you or your husband/boyfie is looking for their tools, you can wait for them in the cafe and dine. :)

Oh! Ada wifi juga! :) And their food is at a very reasonable price. They also start to hiring part-timer or full time staff for their shop. Not sure cafe or the hardware shop.You can call as per below.

More info on Hardware shop yang located in Bukit jelutong ini...in the next post ye! :)

They just open on 1st December, so there are more discount for you! So.. Enjoy!


Jualan Murah Sweet December

Thursday, December 01, 2011 / Comments (0) / by Skinny Yash

Hey korang!

Stock just came in! Marilah membeli sempena nak dapat bonus hujung tahun ni... :)

Poka-Poka dot-dot (RM25 Only)

More to come...

Do check out Pay Less Place Fan page in Facebook.


Taman Tropika 2, Bangi

Monday, November 14, 2011 / Comments (6) / by Skinny Yash

I'M BACK!!! (again)

Been busy for the past few months. OMGee. In fact sampai sekarang sebenarnya. But today feeling-feeling lemau biskut marry, sooooooo lazy to work! Maybe just because i'm at the peak time before my period, so agak hanj jugak la mood harini. Tapi, boleh pulak ade mood nak blogging. :)

So, today mood nak cerita pasal rumah. I remember i told you guys that we finally bought a house. Yippe Yeay! To be frank, i don't really like Bangi area sebab i tak biasa kot. But as time goes by, suka pulak jadinya. I just thought Bangi sekarang tak macam Bangi dulu. Hutan je banyak kan. Sekarang, a lot of development going on. And tak la kampong pon. Hehehe

Our home loan..eh tak! My husband home loan approved within 2 weeks rasanya. I consider cepatlah. But dari loan approve nak tunggu sampai sign SNP tu, makan berbulan. Hangin jugak la. So, i'll take the responsibility to work with the lawyer. Been chasing the lawyer sebab banyak sangat helah nya. Sat satu owner, sat 2 owner, then she claimed cannot have 2 owners sebab loan 1 nama je. WTH? Then kita pulak nak kena call bank and tanya this and that. Which itu kerja Johnny la kan, sebab i bukan pandai sangat nak cakap dengan orang bank ni. Jadi gaduh je kang. hehehe Panas hati. After few months, baru la dapat sign SNP tu last 2 weeks. Bukan main banyak nak sign ko! Sampai lenguh tangan. As of that day, we already own a property named 'Taman Tropika 2, Bangi'.

According to the project plan, the house will be completed around December 2013. Humangaih! Lambat lagi noks! But dari apa yang staff MCT cakap haritu while we signing the SNP, diorang nak cepatkan progress rumah tu because nak concentrate on other new projects pulak. So, basically by end of next year siap! yeay! Tapi diorang taklah commit. The latest is Dec 2013. Earliest is Dec 2012. InsyaAllah. Tapi kalau tengok pada progress diorang, memang pantas. Every month we will go to the site and check out the progress. Memang every month ada je perubahan. Memang cepat! So, mintak-mintakla tiada apa-apa halangan.

Here's the house layout. :) Oh, those yang berminat..i think for Semi-D still ade beberapa unit left. 3 or 4 units. Very limited. Sebab ada yang loan tak lepas. But harga tetap sama.

Layout Taman Tropika 2, Bangi


Currently they still have few projects in progress. Kalau nak tahu pasal MCT ni..B&G, refer kat website iproperty. (http://www.iproperty.com.my/news/2418/B-)


Alhamdulillah...semua pon berita baik!

Thursday, August 04, 2011 / Comments (6) / by Skinny Yash

Banyaknya nak cerita...semua pon nak bagitau! hahaha OK fine.

First, Alhamdulillah...31st July haritu, genap 2 tahun perkahwinan kami. Happy Anniversary Sayang!!!! :) Because of we both are so busy to plan, so i just managed to book a 1 night stay in The Garden Hotel & Residence. I took the Executive Premier King, and it's sooooooo nice and comfortable!! Bilik air dia...sungguh selesa! :) Rasa macam nak tido kat situ! :P  Price RM 516(inc.tax) for 1 night, plus buffet breakfast. And the executive Lounge yang selalu ada makan dan minum secara free! :) But i recommend you to book it online as the price RM465 (incl tax). Lagi murah kan?! :) Jadi, kalau nak book Graden Hotel, book melalui online lagi murah! :)

Second, we officially bought a house!!! But it still under construction, maybe another 2 years kot. But Alhamdulillah, we finally found one and hopefully it lead us to a better living. InsyaAllah... *sukasangat!* And now pon, i dah start plan here and there for our new house nanti. I don't really like to give totally to other person to plan, it should represent us..so, macamana pon i still want my idea or should i say, OUR idea for you to comeout with your sketch. If you know what i mean.. :) Hopefully, the house completed as expected. InsyaAllah.

Third, it is a tiring year for us. And not even a single trip pon pergi holiday. The last trip was to San Fran last year. And so, we managed to plan with AmiThonk, AyuNan and WarteaTam with their little one for a week vacation. We're going to Auckland, New Zealand bebehhhhhhh!!!! Ahhh..can't wait anymore..! I need my holiday!!! :) *Taksabarnya!*

and Last but not least, Congratssss to my sister who are now 5 weeks pregnant!! :) Alhamdulillah...langkah bendul ko gemuk! Takpe...i'm happy! as i'll be getting a niece/nephew in 8 months time. :) Mudah-mudahan semuanya selamat. InsyaAllah...

Selamat Berpuasa to all my sweet readers!!!!!!!


Urgent Vacancy! : Senior Business Analyst ~ CRM

Wednesday, July 20, 2011 / Comments (0) / by Skinny Yash

Location: Malaysia - Penang
Permanent, Full-Time

• Work with the process team, regional sales operations and user community to help proactively develop out new features and capabilities to improve sales efficiency
• Provide advice on system capabilities and recommend solutions / proposals to support requests
• Responsible for change requests to sales applications (CRM, Quoting)
• Responsible for working with customers to create requirements for changes to CRM
• Liase & interface with IT support & technical development team
• Responsible for testing of new features
• Responsible for deployment of new features including training, adoption, measurements and support.
• Lead medium size projects for changes and enhancements
• Design a data governance model for CRM data
• Ensure the user community is trained
• Assist with user adoption metrics and recommend actions derived from the metrics
• Proactively review applications and use supporting tools to suggest improvements & changes to increase sales efficiency
• Be willing to work and support a global customer base
• Assist in CRM administration where required
• Responsible for change requests to sales applications (CRM, Quoting)
• Responsible for working with customers to create requirements for changes to CRM
• Interface with technical development team
• Be responsible for test case creation
• Be responsible for training materials
• Design a data governance model for CRM data
• Ensure bug’s are tested and fixed
• Ensure the user community is trained
• Assist with user adoption metrics and recommend actions derived from the metrics
• Be willing to work and support a global customer base
• Assist in CRM administration where required

• BA/BS in Business Admin, Business Studies, Economics or any relevant qualification and >2 years experience related to the duties and responsibilities specified. (For senior position >5 years experience in people management).
• Fluent in English
• Oracle 11.5.10 and SAAS CRM experience preferred (CRM OnDemand)
• Experience of a sales environment (Internal sales) preferred
• Experience of database administration preferred.
• Ability to develop and deliver presentations.
• Knowledge of the principles of strategic business decision-making.
• Good knowledge in Microsoft Office applications
• Ability to process computer data; format and generate reports.
• Strong knowledge of excel, especially formulas, graphs and pivot tables
• Ability to meet deadlines.

Drop a comment for my emails. :)


Urgent Vacancy! : Internal Sales Support ~ SAP

Wednesday, July 20, 2011 / Comments (0) / by Skinny Yash

Position Location : Malaysia - Penang
Full-Time, Permanent

1. Manages SAP Channel Partner contracts

• Ensures valid contracts are in place in the CMS
• Ensures expiring Agreements are being renewed or terminated in the CMS
• Ensures new partners are in placed with the proper documentation such as Tradebeam search, NDA sign off etc

2. Ensures and facilitates partner usage of PRM

• Be the point person to answer any queries that Partners have when assessing the PRM

3. Systematically collects business data and work with Report Analytics Group to develop reports that ensure accurate, usable information for the Sales Management Decision Makers

4. Coordinates Sales Planning Activities in conjunction with Sales Team to
• Validate targets
• Support winning deals activity

5. Become single point of contact for all sales leads for SAP region. Eg. Seminars, Trade shows, customer mailings and customer care

6. Organizes/Coordinates operation activities and events Eg. Sales Planning Review Meeting etc And support on tracking of action items

7. Becomes a subject matter expert in the sue of InSight (CRM Tool) for log call information, quotations and telemarketing activity etc.

8. Liaise with the responsible Hub to escalate / problem solving issues on placed orders

9. Making follow-up / health check calls to customers that had problem on orders

10. Identifies process short-comings and works with others to improve or transform processes

11. Other duties as assigned

• BA/BS in Business Admin, Business Studies, Economics or any relevant qualification and >2 years experience related to the duties and responsibilities specified.
• Ability to work under pressure, multi-task, prioritize and deliver on/meet deadlines
• Ability to partner with sales force by building strong working relationships and mutual trust
• Ability to work independently without close supervision
• Sled-motivated to achieve target needed to attain KPIs
• Ability to provide high levels of customer service
• Ability to resolve conflicts and promote a positive and team attitude
• Great attention to detail and results oriented
• Experience of a sales environment (Internal sales) preferred
• Experience of database administration preferred.
• Ability to develop and deliver presentations.
• Strong knowledge of excel, especially formulas, graphs and pivot tables
• Good analytical and interpersonal skills.

Drop a comment for email to forward your resume. :)

Kronologi hari pembedahan

Thursday, July 07, 2011 / Comments (5) / by Skinny Yash

First of all, i wanna thank to all of (u know who u are) who been sms'in, bbm'in, FB'in and leaving notes to my post earlier. Alhamdulillah..i'm in good health now. Syukur! :) And i guess, i should be proud coz i have undergone the 1st stage of surgery. lol Even though just a minor one, but it takes a whole lot to be strong and tough. :) Plus scary part. :p

Reached DSH at 9ish and got a call from the hospital that my insurance still not settle yet. They have to get the GL first, then only they can proceed with the admission part. After hu-ha here and there, i only managed to get admitted around 2pm. Got a 2 bed ward as the normal ward has no empty bed. It supposed to be a daycare surgery, which means i do the surgery in the morning and will be discharge in the evening. But because of the hu-ha thingy, my surgery has been postponed to evening and i need to be admitted.

me wearing the baju-sexy nampak buntut
At 3pm, the nurse called me to the OT. Oh God! Tuhan je yang tau, betapa takutnye aku. Baru nak buat minor surgery, belom nak beranak kan?! hahaha So, untuk pertama kalinya juga, i've been push on a wheelchair. hahaha Maluuuu! semua org tengok! Ye la..mesti dalam kepala diorang, "sakit apa la budak ni agaknye ye..." "kesiannya...." hahahahaha I tunduk je..xberani nak tengok orang. Kang ade yang kenal pulak! hehehe

Dalam OT room tu, all the equipment dah tersedia. Nampak 'mulut itik' (speculum) tu!ahhhhhh! Tak suka! Eh anyway, Doctor tu pon panggil mulut itik! Kellessss! :P So, i only got bius around the cervix area. Yang bestnya, tak rasa pon masa dia cucuk tu, coz as per the Doctor, dalam cervix area ni, bukan sensitive mcm kulit kat luar ni, so..tak rasa sakit sangat. :) Cume sengal2 ubi gitu. So, lepas bius dia leave like 2 minutes to allow the bius react kan, then only they starts work. Aku tak berani pon nak pandang monitor tu, eventhough Doc suruh tengok. Ahhhh! Ngilu! So, they used somekind like pateri elektronik tu kan...benda tu panas..so, dia korek and buang all the bad cells..ade 3 keping gitu yang ditunjuk kan i..Masa buat tu, Doc guna macam asap..Tak faham asap tu untuk apa..Tapi..kira berasap la jugak vagina time tu! hahahahahahhaha Doctor siap cakap... "ha....macam bau sate tak?!" hahahhaa whatttt the......heiiii Doctor niiii..main2 pulak dia...heheheh

After like 30minutes, it's all done. No pain at all. :) Tapi elok sampai katil, dalam 30minutes gitu..dari pinggang, perut..suma sengal2..macam period pain..but worst la! So, nurse bagi pain killer. Akhirnya, ku tido dalam kelaparan. Hubs came after he has done his work. Tolong urut-urut pinggang, tapau nasi goreng cili padi... :) Then my sister came over melepak sekali. My dad and his wife pon datang jugak melawat. Padahal i xnak pon orang melawat-melawat, sebab tak serious pon... :)

Overall, Damansara Specialist Centre provides you a good service. Exclude the slow Discharge process la. Memang lemssss gile! But in terms of customer service, memang bagus. And the doctor too! :) Thank you Dr Maziah! :) She is one of the Gynecologist kat DSH. Sangat bagus. :)

And now...Alhamdulillah...I'm in good health. :)


Semoga tiada kesakitan dirasai. Oh!

Monday, July 04, 2011 / Comments (7) / by Skinny Yash

Since Friday, both laki bini demam.Actually i yang start dulu since tengok wayang kat Pavilion haritu Hall 2, mengundang hoccay! Sejuk nak mam! :P Tapi, belom sempat i demam, suami ku dah berjangkit. hehehe. Makanya, 2-2 la lembik the whole weekend. *kesian*

On Friday, i pergi settle-settle hal hospital admission and insurance coverage. Initially i want to use my company insurance, although i have my own personal one which is Prudential. Tapi disebabkan my company insurance benefit macam harrrrraaaammmm, so i decided to use my Personal insurance. Nasib ada my agent yang sungguh baik hati bawak ku ke Damansara Specialist Centre untuk uruskan semua2nya. Aku malas nak fikir dah. :) So, siapa-siapa yang takde insurance lagi, cepat-cepatlah ambil. We never know what will happen to us in the next day kan. Sediakan payung sebelum hujan kan bagus... :)

Dari bawak ke hospital sehingga ke jumpa Doktor, semua agent yang uruskan. hahaha. Actually he is my husband friend. Merangkap Pengapit kami! :) Itu pon salah satu tips nak beli insurance. Jangan main beli je. Beli mesti kat orang yang you kenal baik, or yang u percaya. Maklumla, keje jual insurance ni selalunya separuh jalan. Tup Tup taktau hilang mana. Jadi adalah lebih afdal, kalau beli insurance dari rakan2 sekeliling. So, siapa-siapa nak beli insurance Prudential, meh contact mamat ni... Azam Zaki. Kitorang panggil dia Acong! Sebab muka mcm cino kot. :P Bagus agent ni, kalau client dia masuk hospital ke, apa ke..dia pergi melawat. :)

As for me, i'll be admitted to Damansara Specialist Centre Esok pagi. :) Eh apahal suka plak! Aku tengah takut nih! hahahaha. So, bila korang baca post ni, mungkin I dah selesai my surgery..or mungkin sedang surgery..atau mungkin juga tengah berborak-borak dengan rerakan wad. hahaha. First time nih nak admit pi hospital!!Cuakkkkkkk! So, wish me luck and doakan semoga semuanya berjalan dengan lancar..and most important thing, doakan semoga aku tak rasa sakit.......hahahahha


House Hunting u'olls!

Friday, July 01, 2011 / Comments (0) / by Skinny Yash

Most of you yang memang follow i through twitter mesti dah tau where i go and what i did last weekend. :) Selalunya house hunting dalam Iproperty.com or Propswall.com je..But kali ni, lain sikit. We both personally go and see the house. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ;)

As early as 10am, okay tak early sangat! :p My husband and I dah keluar ke Bangi for a house launching. Very nice house indeed! Super suka! Haa..amek kau! hahaha..But the route to the area which potong my mood. hahaha...But who know after 2-3 years kan...Macam-macam boleh berubah.

It's Tropika 2, in Bangi. Not a quite known developer which is B&G Prestigious Property Sdn Bhd, but some well knows projects somewhere in Klang Valley area. You can take a look at their website. :) Done some research on their company background, and it sounds pretty good. They have 3 different type of houses which is Semi-D and Superlink (both are 3 storeys!) and Townvilla. More details, look up in the website! :)


After walking around the showhouse, take pictures, eating satay (yea!they provide food on the launching day!), then we move to the 2nd place...and that was in Kajang-Bangi area too! I don't have the details though but they actually do the Built & Sell term. Yang ni macam pelik sikit, as what Johnny's got the info from the developer, they only left 1 lot. It's a bungalow lot in a gated area. You pay the deposit and they will build your house in 8months. There's only few bungalow units in the area. Because we don't really have the full info+map, we called the developer to give the directions as she got a chicken pox! After like 20-30minutes turn back and forth, end up failed to find the place. ;( So, we both REJECT IT!

Went to Ampang to view another house, which is in Ampang Saujana. Nice house. Me like it! It reminds me of Penang which fulls of Greeeeeeeennnnnn! :) I like a house surrounded by hills and green! Again! hahaha The house is a completed house, we can just called up the owner/house agent, pay the deposit and Dang! We can move it immediately! :)

This is Semi-D unit

the gated area

Both houses are within our budget, and now we are waiting for the loan approval. Kalau ade rezeki, InsyaALLAH disitulah bakal kami duduki nanti. Rumah yang mana? hehehe....Tunggu je la! :)


Pre-Cancerous Cell found!

Friday, July 01, 2011 / Comments (7) / by Skinny Yash

I've been telling all my friends, "Go and do your Pap Smear...You never know what's happening inside you..". Before i moved to Penang, even before married, i did a regular Pap smear test. Like once a year. Certain people do answer me back with "why must i do? I don't even have sex for once!" Truly speaking, it's up to u guys. :) But from what i read, you have to start do your pap smear once u reached 21 yo or you are sexually active. :) So, this are my stories...

It's been almost 1 and a half years i never did my Pap Smear Test. Before that, all my results are clean and clear! And out of a sudden, i feel like want to go for a check up. I went to my usual personal Gynae at Bangsar Women Specialist Clinic. A very good and nice Doctor Kamaljit! :) (100% recommended). She will ask u lot's of questions regarding your sexual activities (no tipu-tipu eh!) and will advice you what's not and how you can prevent this and that.

RM150 inclusive of Pap Smear Test and scanning (and even breast cancer check!). This price has been the same since the past 3 years! Good huh?! :) You will be ask to loose you bra, take out your pants and underwear. During the scanning, she will show you this and that..whether it is normal or abnormal around your uterus or vagina. For Pap Smear Test, you need to be relaxx! Totally relax! "If not, you will feel the pain!" said the Doctor. I hate this! :P She will ask you to open up your legs. i mean widely open! Nothing to be shame off! Dia dah tengok beribu vagina kot! hehehe And she will use the speculum and open up your vagina so that she can take off the sample of cells to be tested in lab.

Within a minute or two, you're done! Yeay! :) They will send the samples to Lab to test and within a week or less, you may get the results. Normal procedure, if it's okay then you don't need to go to the clinic again, but if it's not okay, then the doctor will make an appointment for 2nd meet up. On 10th June, i got my results and they ask me to come to see the doctor. And i know this is not okay! Damn! And so, they schedule me on the 13th June. The day has come and the doctor said "I don't like this...." Oh my...nak gugur jantung rasanya. :( And so she explained about my Pap Smear Test results, it's abnormal because they found a pre-cancerous cells in the uterus. But, do not panic! This is curable! So i have to undergo a Colposcopy to see the cells  clearer. This have to be done by the senior Gynae. So, she transferred me to University Malaya Specialist Centre (UMSC), Petaling Jaya.

17th June, i went to UMSC for the Colposcopy procedure. It's a long day. I have to wait for like 2-3 hours to see the doctor! They use number though but effing slow! So, we went to the room to start with the procedure. Just took like 10-15minutes. Same procedure as Pap Smear Test, but this time the doctor used some kind like a gel and place it on the cervix. And he will use a large microscope positioned in front of your vagina to view your cervix. The bright light from the microscope let the Doctor see the inside of your cervix more clearly! :) You will be amazed to see you own cervix on the screen! lol Jarak dekat u'olls! :)At the same time, my husband keep on asking the doctor what's this and that..and in my head..."Please....stop asking questions...coz i'm in pain.....!" hahahahahahha And that is all....

And so, the doctor ask me to undergo another procedure which is Biopsy. This is to remove the cervical tissue that contains abnormal cervical cells or the pre-cancerous cells. And this scares me okay! I am supposed to do the next day straightaway, but i just thought that i am not ready mentally and physically. And so, i schedule it after my period and that is on 5th July. :(

I am still surveying how pain will this be. I hate say...but i don't feel want to do it.....

Just FYI,

Women Specialist Center
Jalan Telawi, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur



Monday, June 20, 2011 / Comments (2) / by Skinny Yash

This few days i am so being emotional. Mungkin ada yang dapat perasan from my twitter/facebook. Sorry for the spam guys. :P Mungkin emo sebab nak period. Week before period kan time yang sangat crucial for every women on earth. Time ni, ko jentik sikit pon dah meraung. But not to me. I tak bole mengamuk ngamuk macam orang lain. I tak bole nak tinggi suara. I tak boleh marah. I tak boleh bengang. Jadi bila period, otak aku akan agak jadi mereng sikit.Sebab tu, mana yang perasan, i lebih panas baran di luar. That's what changed me. Dulu i panas baran sangat, kat even family and adik beradik. But, since kahwin and my husband adalah panas baran, jadi i have to be the opposite side. Ye la, kalau 2-2 nak panas baran memang apa pon tak jadi.

Oleh itu, kalau kat luar, i tend to be emotional tak tentu arah. I cepat mengamuk kalau order tak sampai-sampai. Yang down nye, kalau mengamuk, mesti sampai menangis. I pon tak paham. Marah sangat gamaknya. hahaha Kalau dulu, orang selalu cakap, I lah manusia paling sabar dalam dunia. Ye. Aku memang penyabar orang nya. Dulu ada EX-boyfriend, main perempuan banyak kali, kantoi macam-macam, tapi i sabar je.(Bodoh disitu! :p) And up to one point, i feel heartless. Itupon sebab maybe i dah jumpa orang lain kot. So, i think at the bright side. Sampai lama mana nak bersabar? Setiap orang ada had nya. Tapi ada orang kata, itu je jawapannya. SABAR.

Oleh itu, sampai harini...saya masih berpegang with the magic word. SABAR. Orang kata jugak, tak rugi BERSABAR. Entahlah, mungkin ada hikmah disebalik perkataan SABAR tu. Ye tak? :)

"SABAR, Itu semua DUGAAN"
(Tapi sampai bila asyik nak dugaan je? Orang lain takde dugaan pon!) kataku dalam hati



Friday, June 17, 2011 / Comments (0) / by Skinny Yash

 Whatt???? Where?? When??
Lot 105B, Suria KLCC, KL 
Start Date 
17 Jun 2011
End Date 
19 Jun 2011

Enjoy u'olss!!!!!!!!!!!!!  *sobs sobs*

p/s: Johnny, Nak belikan untuk I tak?? *kening-kening*


Keluar duit KWSP?

Friday, June 17, 2011 / Comments (3) / by Skinny Yash

Mungkin ada yang cakap, i cari rumah tak berkadaran dengan life i sekarang. Duhh! To be frank, siapa yang tak nak rumah selesa kan? Siapa tak nak rumah cantik? Yes. Kalau nak itu semua, ongkos nya pon mesti cantik juga. :)

Dengan harga rumah yang i tengok sekarang adalah berkadaran dengan pendapatan suami saya. Itu harus diutamakan dulu. Kalau tak, macamana nak survey rumah kan. :) Kenapa pendapatan suami saya je? Sebab, jeng jeng jeng...saya masih blacklisted! hahahaha Ye! Zaman muda mudi, zaman jahiliyah..Pakai kad kredit banyak sangat! Blurgrhh! So, now dari 3 kad kredit, 1 sudah mau settle ini bulan! :) Tinggal 2! Yeay! :)

Even though loan rumah pakai nama suami, tetap you can withdraw KWSP you to help your husband. Itu kata orang KWSP tu la. Nak info lebih lanjut, pergi website diorang kat sini.

Tapi, jangan ingat withdraw KWSP tu boleh untuk bayar deposit rumah. Memang tak dapat jekk! Rasa diorang kena tukar la terms tu, sebab orang nak withdraw KWSP sebab nak buat bayar deposit beli rumah. Sebab mana nak datangnya 30-40ribu cash ?! haihhh...Itu lagi satu permasalahan kami sekeluarga. Nak menyimpan? Bole ke bang menyimpan sampai begitu banyak dalam saving. aduhai....Kot terrrrrrbeli handbag setiap bulan susah gak! hehehe

Tak semestinya, dah bayar 10% and get the Sale&Purchase Agreement tu, baru bole gi KWSP buat permohonan pengeluaran. It's all depends on you and the seller or developer to bincang-bincang and agreed both parties. Kadang-kadang bayar 3% pon you can get the resit or document yang cakap you nak beli rumah tu, you can make the withdrawal dah. KWSP just nak dokumen untuk pengesahan. :)

Nanti kite sambung lagi ye! Happy hunting to those yang masih mencariiiiii! :)

Aduhai lah Rumah!

Thursday, June 16, 2011 / Comments (6) / by Skinny Yash

Ha..dah kata pon dah balik KL. Rumah xde lagi ni. Dengan itu bermula la musim survey men'survey. Dari rumah berharga 300ribu, ke 450ribu..alih2 sampai 600ribu. Erk! Kalau ikutkan, itu maksimum nye. Tapi takkan nak sampai maksimum kan?!Gilo apo!

Zaman sekarang, kalau nak beli rumah baru dah confirm-confirm bukan rumah siap. Mahu kena tunggu 3-4 tahun lagi. And that's not me. Aku kalau bole nak yang dan-dan tu bole masuk!hahaha Punya tak penyabor. And macam biasa la, eventhough rumah baru yang siap, kalau owner nye nak jual dikira sub-sales la kan. Ha..Kata pon dah sub-sales, harga rumah tu bole naik sesuka suki diorang up to 30%. Without any renovation! Gila kan! Agaknya diorang main belasah je nak taruk harga. Konon taknak kill the market. But if they think wisely, dari ko over-over taruk harga rumah melampau and takde sapa nak beli, kan ke dah rugi biarkan ia kosong. Ntahla. Mungkin property owner ade kira-kira sendiri agaknya.

Masalah jugak untuk mencari rumah terrace/teres atau double storey/semi-d atau sewaktu dengannya. Yang ada pon, belambak nuuuuunn dekat area Setia Alam, Klang, Nilai, Sg Buloh dan Bukit Jelutong. Klang Valley? Nan adoooo terrace-terrace dah! Takde tanah dah. Semua pon naik condo je! Oleh kerana permintaan rumah teres makin meningkat, maka developer-developer yang ada buatlah rumah teres seperti untuk merealisasikan impian rakyat Malaysia yang mahukan rumah yang ada tanah sikit nak tanam pokok2 bunga, sayur dan cili. Tapi harga bermula dengan RM 517,xxx.xx. Tak ke gila tu! Itu rumah belum siap. Kalau dah siap? Confirm-confirm 700k! Boleh kerat jari weih!

Dengan pendapatan kita (bukan saya!) sekarang, yang rata-rata jumlah pendapatan suami-isteri dalam 6-8ribu, rasa2 cukop tak? Duit sewa rumah lagi, duit bayar kereta lagi, duit hantar anak ke nursery lagi. Belom campur minyak kereta, belanja sekolah anak, duit dapur, duit pampers/susu! Hoihhhhhh!!! Banyakkkk nye!!

Dan Kerajaan telah memperkenalkan Skim Rumah Pertamaku. Harga rumah tak lebih 220ribu. Bagusnya skim ni, ialah kerana anda dapat membeli rumah TANPA DEPOSIT. Tapi, adakah anda pikir, kat kawasan mana yang anda dapat beli dengan harga 220ribu? Sg.buloh? Rawang? Mungkin..Tapi cuba pikir balik bila ditambah dengan duit tol dan minyak. Tak ke menjadi beban? Kalau nak apartment banyak la dekat area Bangi, Kajang, itu pon dah sampai ceruk-ceruk.

always be my dream house (pic courtesy of iProperty.com) Price: RM16Mil.

So, apa kata korang plak? :)



Wednesday, June 15, 2011 / Comments (1) / by Skinny Yash

Makkkkkk aiii! Lamanya tak hapdet! :P

Dengan sukacitanya dimaklumkan, saya sudah pulang ke pangkal jalan. eh. Pulang ke tanah air. eh lagi! Pulang ke tanah lahirnya diriku ini. ah..Kuala Lumpur lah! Yeszaaa..dah pindah balik sini. Adalah dalam 2-3bulan. Barang-barang dari rumah Penang pon telah disumbat kan kedalam rumah mertua gitu. :p Jangan ditanyo muat ke idak! Bilik tidor aku tu...dah mcm bilik setttorrrr! Tinggal space nak solat..and satu lorong nak ke lemari je!hahahah semakkkkkk weih! sesemakkk kepala hotak aku ni! :(

Dan dah 2-3 bulan ni jugak la aku dok survey rumah sana sini. Dalam website je! Website-website yang harus dikunjungi apabila anda ingin membeli rumah.
1. iProperty.com
2. Propswall.com
3. Google.com
4. Mudah.my
5. dan sewaktu dengan nya.

Tapi aku lebih suka bukak propswall, sebab rasanya harga dia murah sikit dari iproperty. Aku rasalah. Tapi kalau tengok-tengok website agent2 melayu, lagi murah. :) Tapi murah-murah tu, xla murah sangat. Tetap mahal klw dikira-kira betul. :) So, kalau korang ada idea website lain yang lebih mujarab, share la ye! :)

Sampai sini dulu. Nanti i update lagi pasal property. :)

Tata Titi Tutu...


Hari Mak...?

Sunday, May 08, 2011 / Comments (1) / by Skinny Yash

Despite of everyone wishing Happy Mother's Day to all their mom in the facebook.. saya cakap sini je la..

Mak, Happy Mother's Day! :)

Hahaha. Gitu je la! Saya tak pandai bermadah berhelah. I know who my mom is, and how strong she was. Walaupon kadang-kadang hangin atau bo-layan sebab dia dok bergossip pasal orang. Dia tetap mak gua! hahahaha

Pagi-pagi dah cerita kat dia pasal one of my couz, Couz ke?! :p yang perangai macam Osama. Tapi takpela, Mak kata biar je. Aku cakap, aku akan berdiam selagi aku bole bersabar. Tuhan tu makbulkan doa orang yang teraniya. Kau cerita buruk pasal aku kat satu dunia, kau terima la balasannya nanti. Tuhan Maha Besar. Dia bayar CASH! :) Ingat, kau tu mengandung. Aku tak doakan yang buruk-buruk. Jangan risau. Jauh dari sudut hatiku. Cuma, tu je la. Kerana mulut, badan binasa. Terlajak perahu boleh diundur, terlajak kata...? Paham-paham je la ye..Belajar dah tinggi...Ilmu tinggi...Pandai-pandai la fikir.

p/s: rumah mak aku ni, selalu takde air. Bukan tak bayar bil, tangki apt ni asyik rosak je! huh! Nantila, aku ade duit, aku beli rumah satu untuk mak aku duduk dengan adik aku!

Happy Mother's Day to all! *kenapa takde Wife Day huh?* #tetiba #bikinpanas


Perasaan Campur-Campur

Thursday, April 28, 2011 / Comments (0) / by Skinny Yash

Been busy this 2 whole weeks. Tersangat lah busy! Kerja dari pagi lepas subuh terus ke malam tak berhenti. Sempat la stop nak solat-solat. Every 2 days, Johnny ajak keluar jalan-jalan lepas dia balik kerja. Katanya, takut jadi gila pulak kang, duduk rumah tak keluar-keluar. :p

Busy sampai kan takde masa nak bersembang dengan suami. Dasyatkan?! Not sure if it's my work steal off my time or my priority didn't work! T_T My precious time pon hanya beberapa minit diatas katil sebelum melelapkan mata beberapa minit kemudian. Sedih! Sebab takde masa nak sembang-sembang dengan suami. Pagi lepas subuh dia dah keluar rumah, balik dekat-dekat Maghrib. Sekarang baru terasa tak best life macam ni! :(

Kalau kat Penang, (okay rindu Penang pulak!) masa yang dihabiskan diatas jalanraya hanyalah dalam 15minutes/day. So, kira la kalau sampai rumah pukul 6pm sembang-sembang, tidoq jam 1-2pg, bangun kul 7-8am, pergi kerja around 8.45-9am. Banyak masa untuk spend time bersama.

Saya rindu life yang dulu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

Apa-apapon, Alhamdulillah dengan rezeki yang Tuhan bagi. Belom! Rezeki anak belom lagi! :) Dan syukur jugak, kedai yang suami beli 4tahun lepas dah hampir siap. InsyaAllah, bulan 9 beroperasi.

Oh, rumah pon dah jumpa! Mixed feeling! Suka dan Tak Suka! Suka sebab balcony nye besar gila and i have my own place! Tak suka, sebab tempat tu mcm ghetto sikit and the facilities jauuuuuuuuh beza dengan rumah kat Penang! :( Rental price pon......jauh gileeeeeeeeeeeeee beza from our previous house! Jauh lebih mahal, bukan MURAH! huh! Oleh itu, nekad nak simpan duit and beli rumah idaman. Lokasi tidak diketahui lagi! :)


The "relapsed" story

Monday, April 25, 2011 / Comments (3) / by Skinny Yash

Been talking bout her in few posts before. The first time our friend break the news to me, i remember, i was in D*ll office and i cried. Alot! :( And today, i cried again after i read her post . :(  Honestly, i don't really know how to express my feeling towards her. I don't really know how to comfort people other then keep telling her to be strong, always think positive, pray hard and all will be okay again!

She knows herself better. I, myself could not imagine how she can take and accept this. I always think, IF something bad happen to me, can i accept it? Can i still live my life? Hmm. I don't think so. But she did well after her 1st time recovering from Chemo. Tough girl huh?! Nampakje orang nye pendiam, kecik molek. Tapi..semangat kuat macam Gunung Everest! Totally salute her! *Tabik spring*

Since she's getting the sick leave by the Doctor, she has started her own business line. I think most of you guys dah tau kot. Shop SputnikSweeheart. She's the designer of the "Schanaz Scarfs". And recently she added a few item like pants, coats and few other items. Check it out yourself la ye. :)

To all of my readers, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pray for our dearest friend Ami Schaheera. May Allah gave her strength to go through her chemo session again this coming May. 

To Ami, *if u read this*

Since i know u, *rasa nya kat Open house raya rumah Black* i know u a good and nice person. Selalu dengar je cakap Thonk. Baikkkkk je...Yang I baik punye bergossip! lol. Since then, kita close sebab selalu melepak rumah Wartea. :p We all selalu update each other about U. U sihat ke, U demam ke, U balik kampung ke, U pergi fashion show ke, U tangkap gambar dengan artis ke..semua pon kitorg kepochi! hahahaha. Sorry sebab jadi stalker #tetiba. So, eventhough depan-depan kadang-kadang kitorang nampak tak berapa concern, but deep in our heart, we truly concern about u, ur health and ur family. So, always remember that you still have us who will be praying hard for ur good health. Always be strong and positive. Banyakkan berdoa. Jaga makan minum awak. Banyakkan relax. And of course, u should be proud and bless to have a HUSBAND like Naz. Ewah Naz konon. THONK! okay! :P Sangat-sangat SANGATTTTTTT Lah sayang u! I still remember how he take care of you the first time u kena duduk ward. Keluar office timing kena tepat, call makcik restoren tapau makan, nak kejar waktu melawat hospital. Pergh. Dedicated sangat! :) So, actually both of u adalah orang yang kuat semangat dan sabar! InsyaAllah, semuanya sudah tertulis oleh Yang Diatas. Kita hanya mampu berdoa dan berusaha. Semoga Ami sembuh seperti dulu. InsyaAllah.


Back for Good

Monday, April 18, 2011 / Comments (3) / by Skinny Yash

aaaaaAHHHHHHFFFFFoooooohhhhhhhhhh....... *mulut muncung2* hok!hok! *tekak gatal*

Berabuk nye kat sini. Dah bersawang-sawang ha. :) Too much to tell, sampai tak tau mana nak start. Heeee. *ghenyeh* 

To all my beloved dearly muahh muuaaahhh friends+readers+bloggers+tweeple, I AM NOW BACK TO KL FOR GOOD! yeay!! *lompat kegirangan* Jangan tanya kenapa, tapi sambut la saya dengan hati yang terbuka. Bak kata one of my friend's hubby, "Yash ada kat sini?..Hmm..huru-hara lah KL ni..." LOL.

Currently, i'm staying at my PIL place. Maybe till end of this month. Sekarang tengah tergedik-gedik cari rumah. So, whoever yang kerja area Phileo Damansara, yang tau which area/place are affordable to rent at the moment, do let me know ye. VERY URGENT! Budget ciput je...around 1.2k-1.3k. I'm SERIOUSLY SERIOUS!>.<

p.s: Bag-bag dibawah, sold out ye! Tunggu next batch pulak. :)


Classy, Fun and Cheap! - Updated

Monday, March 28, 2011 / Comments (11) / by Skinny Yash

What say u! :) Browse, and do let me know if u interested. Items are limited.

(NO MORE!) :)

RM 60 ONLY. Incl. Postage


Cyberview Lodge Resort, Cyberjaya - Part I

Friday, March 18, 2011 / Comments (0) / by Skinny Yash

Kali ni nak review Cyberview Lodge Resort lah! :) This is my second time menjejakkan kaki kat hotel ni. First time masa dok sibuk-sibuk cari tempat nak kahwin, and yang ni super expensive la! Bukan dalam budget kami! ;P So, this round, bukan bercuti  ye...tapi Johnny have to attend his PMP training for 1 week. And i dah mintak kebenaran from my boss to work from home. Which means, from hotel gitu la! :) 5 Hari duduk situ! Layan gambar dulu lah!


So far, i rate dia 8/10 la! Even Johnny cukup suka dengan environment dia, (i must agreed on that!) but satu hari sampai 3-4-5 kali nak ketuk pintu apa jadahnya kan?! First pagi nak kemas bilik. Second datang nak check mini bar. Third datang nak bagi choclate compliment from hotel katanya. Sat lagi datang lagi check mini bar! Aduhai..penat nak bukak pintu! Hari-hari macam gitulah rutin nye! I siap hafal! :)

Tapi kalau nak tempat yang private (tolak tepi gangguan2 housekeeping itu!) disinilah tempatnya! Rasa takmau balik! Sebab takde sapa kacau! :P Oh, tolak jugak point banyak nyamuk! Biasalah, dah kata chalet kan..dah tu dikerumuni hutan-hutan plak. Memang confirm banyak nyamuk. Sebab tu diorang sediakan ubat nyamuk dalam bilik! Yang letrik tu! hehehe

Next entry je la i tunjuk sekitar hotel tu plak ye! byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


City Flat by Michael Kors...

Friday, March 18, 2011 / Comments (2) / by Skinny Yash

When i saw this, my heart is pumping so fast! Yes! I know! It's so simple right? I do love simple thing! :) Contoh, i suka kain warna kosong..takde corak-corak! Satu warna je! :P Then kalau beli handbag or baju, i suke yang design sikit je, takmo yang design melampaui batas! hehehe

This is from Michael Kors, patent leather. Ada dua color. Black and Tangerine. Ha...lagi satu, i ni susah sikit nak pakai warna-warna terang ni. Coz i pemalu! auwwwwww!

City Flat Black by Michael Kors

City Flat Tangerine by Michael Kors

Tapi nak ini!!!!! :(