House Hunting u'olls!

Friday, July 01, 2011 / Comments (0) / by Skinny Yash

Most of you yang memang follow i through twitter mesti dah tau where i go and what i did last weekend. :) Selalunya house hunting dalam or je..But kali ni, lain sikit. We both personally go and see the house. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ;)

As early as 10am, okay tak early sangat! :p My husband and I dah keluar ke Bangi for a house launching. Very nice house indeed! Super suka! Haa..amek kau! hahaha..But the route to the area which potong my mood. hahaha...But who know after 2-3 years kan...Macam-macam boleh berubah.

It's Tropika 2, in Bangi. Not a quite known developer which is B&G Prestigious Property Sdn Bhd, but some well knows projects somewhere in Klang Valley area. You can take a look at their website. :) Done some research on their company background, and it sounds pretty good. They have 3 different type of houses which is Semi-D and Superlink (both are 3 storeys!) and Townvilla. More details, look up in the website! :)


After walking around the showhouse, take pictures, eating satay (yea!they provide food on the launching day!), then we move to the 2nd place...and that was in Kajang-Bangi area too! I don't have the details though but they actually do the Built & Sell term. Yang ni macam pelik sikit, as what Johnny's got the info from the developer, they only left 1 lot. It's a bungalow lot in a gated area. You pay the deposit and they will build your house in 8months. There's only few bungalow units in the area. Because we don't really have the full info+map, we called the developer to give the directions as she got a chicken pox! After like 20-30minutes turn back and forth, end up failed to find the place. ;( So, we both REJECT IT!

Went to Ampang to view another house, which is in Ampang Saujana. Nice house. Me like it! It reminds me of Penang which fulls of Greeeeeeeennnnnn! :) I like a house surrounded by hills and green! Again! hahaha The house is a completed house, we can just called up the owner/house agent, pay the deposit and Dang! We can move it immediately! :)

This is Semi-D unit

the gated area

Both houses are within our budget, and now we are waiting for the loan approval. Kalau ade rezeki, InsyaALLAH disitulah bakal kami duduki nanti. Rumah yang mana? hehehe....Tunggu je la! :)


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