1Shamelin, Pandan Perdana retail lot to let/sale

Monday, December 12, 2011 / Comments (0) / by Skinny Yash

Terpanggil to update on our Retail lot yang hubs beli for the past 3-4 years. And they only managed to open for business around August lepas.

Up till today, progress sangat la lembab. But there are shops/restaurant/cinema yang dah start operation. Such as, TGV, Old Town, Sport Shop..and others. You can check out MostLuv blog. Sebab dia rajin update kedai-kedai yang baru bukak kat 1Shamelin tu. :)

I, myself pon jarang sangat nak pergi check out, sebab jauh kan! Jauh ke dari Cheras?hahaha Ok tipu. So, initially i wanted to open my own retail shop coz seeing there are lots of students and teenagers kat sana kan, maybe diorang suka shopping. But, memandangkan others retail shop pon belum dibuka (yang berdekatan dgn our lot) so, i have to think twice. Risky, but kalau shopping mall ni betul2 menjadi..It's more than worth it! :) InsyaAllah.

In the mean time, i'm still open my retail lot in 1Shamelin (very near to the main escalator and Ground Floor) to be sell or rent. More info, check out 1 Shamelin Facebook page.

108 sq ft.
Rental: RM 2,000 (2 years contract included maintenance)
Sale: RM 250,000 (negotiable)


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