Last Call for PRE-Order European brand Handbags

Tuesday, December 18, 2012 / Comments (1) / by Skinny Yash

Kindly please make your payment as soon as possible before this 

FRIDAY, 21st December 2012.

 All item will be deliver out start from 23rd January 2013

LongChamp Murah! Louis Vuitton Murah!  
Price as per below

Longchamp Le Pliage

Small/Short (1621089) – RM 300 
Small/Long (2605089) – RM 370
Medium/Short (1623089) – RM 350
Medium/Long (1899089) – RM 420

Loius Vuitton

SPEEDY 25 - RM 2350
SPEEDY 30 - RM 2450
SPEEDY 35 - RM 2550


You can e-mail me to for other brands and faster response. :)


Virus Kencing Tikus?

Thursday, December 13, 2012 / Comments (0) / by Skinny Yash

Since Friday, FIL admitted to Serdang hospital. Suspect Virus Kencing Tikus! Takut tak? Hmm..Nasib tak teruk sangat, but masa we all hantar dia ke hospital actually dah quite teruk jugak. 5 Hari demam panas, then sejuk, then panas, then sejuk. Last-last check temperature (nasib i ada alat tu untuk bbt..hehe) 39 kau!! Tinggi tuuuuuu! Bole sampai ke otak kalau tak cepat-cepat! Bawak pegi hospital, terus masuk ICU. 2 hari jugak duduk situ.

Dasyat jugak virus kencing tikus ni! Dia effect buah pinggang kot! And now, my FIL have to do blood dialysis every alternate day sampai la diorang rasa buah pinggang tu dah okay. But as per the Doc pagi tadi, buah pinggang dah rosak sikit. So they need to check further. But dialysis ni memang temporary support la until further notice gitu.

Antara simptom Virus Kencing Tikus yang ada pada my FIL, demam sejuk and panas, mata merah, sakit sendi, cirit birit, sakit perut, sakit kepala. Ala-ala denggi la. But by blood test, they know wherther it is denggi ataupon tidak. 

So, for the time being I memang busy. Pagi hantar suami ke KTM, then pi hospital hantar makanan. Pastu amek MIL bawak balik rumah. Then tengahari I pi balik hospital sampai la petang sementara tunggu nak pick up suami pulang kat KTM. Then straight ke hospital lagi sekali. Sampai la habis waktu melawat. :)

So far, condition okay. Cuma after 2 days buat dialysis memang dia nampak lemah. Bermakna memang kena dialysis lagi lah! My time now has been fully occupied. Malam pukul 9 memang dah tidoq! That is the only sweet time I have. Tak pela. Bersusah-susah dahulu, bersenang-senang kemudian. :)

Hope FIL will recover as soon as possible. Dan diberikan kesihatan yang baik macam biasa. Amin. Tolong doakan my FIL cepat sembuh ye. So senang hati sikit nak pergi bercuti. huhu

P/S: Berat hati nak pi bercuti sebenarnya, but tiket bukan murah. InsyaAllah. Kita hanya mampu berdoa.


Pre-Order Longchamp 2012/2013

Monday, December 10, 2012 / Comments (0) / by Skinny Yash

(Scroll down for latest entry...)

I am currently open a Pre-Order for Longchamp (ONLY) from now till 20th December 2012. Delivery will be made after 22nd January 2013. Item are all 100% Authentic and Original from Paris.

Price as per below.

1. Longchamp Le Pliage Medium with Long Handle

RM 4**

Dimensions : 31x30x19 cm
12¼x12x7½ inch


Longchamp Le Pliage Medium with Short Handle

 RM 350

Dimensions : 30x28x20 cm
12x11x8 inch

Longchamp Le Pliage Small with Short Handle\

RM 300

Dimensions : 21x21x14 cm
8¼x8¼x5½ inch

Or..If you want to buy other models for Longchamp, leave a comment or email to (



Update on Europe Trip Itinerary...

Monday, December 03, 2012 / Comments (2) / by Skinny Yash

We bought (ok..bukan WE, tapi SUAMI je) KLM ticket 2 months back. Kebetulan ada promo, so each return flight cost us RM2,700 sorang. Ok la kan, coz it will be Christmas and New Year time. :) We booked a different arrival and depart country. Maknanya, turun/sampai kat Amsterdam and balik/depart from Paris. Sebabnya, dah kata nak Europe Trip we don't want to waste our money and time travel back and forth to the same place. :)

This is our first time to have a long trip...1 bulan kot nyah! Memang balik confirm bangkrap! hahaha. So we opted for couchsurfing and some friends yang live somewhere in Europe. Save sikit weih!

Basically, from Amsterdam accommodation settle! Few days at Johnny's friend and kebetulan Christmas time pon diorang nak pi bercuti, so we need to book another 1 night kat luar. Compare punya compare, it's cheaper if you take an apartment. Tak kisah whether it's a room or entire apartment. Depends on the location jugak! Try Airbnb. Banyak kot apartment and room at a reasonable price! We booked ours from there. 1 night cost us not more than RM200. Ok la kan? Because if we take hostel, it will be charge per-head/per-night. Bila kira-kira, it is more than RM300 per night for both of us. Kalau korang pergi single mingle, then ok la! :)

From Amsterdam, we will be taking a bus and train to Belgium. Ha...sini excited sikit! Coz we have someone to host us!!!! :) Of course, accommodation dah FREE for 4 days. And host sangat lah baik siap buatkan itinerary and program kitorang to explore Belgium! And we're not alone..there will be another couple of couchsurfer yang akan join sekali! I am extremely excited!!!!! :)

From Belgium, we will be taking a night train to Copenhagen, Denmark! tempat yang memang Johnny termimpi-mimpi nak pergi sangat! Jauh pon jauh la..Janji pergi kan! hahaha We will be celebrating our New Year (celebrate ke?! :P) here. We still haven't confirm our accomodation for new eve and the night after. But we already have someone to host us for another 2 days in Copenhagen! How cool is that?!! Ngeeeeeeeeeeeee :)

From Copenhagen, we will be taking a flight direct from Copenhagen to Zurich. Sebab nak save time. Kalau nak naik train pon boleh. But it will take time, sebab nak transfer lagi. And disebabkan time kitorang travel tu adalah crucial time (sebab depa Christmas and New Year holiday!), so train and flight super mahal! Makanya, janganlah bercuti ke Europe between Christmas and first week of January! Memang super expensive! In Switzerland, we found really nice people who accept to host us for 4 days!! MasyaAllah...feel glad, happy and excited sangat sangat sangat!! Bukan sebab dapat accommodation free...But they are locals! So, you can learn lots of thing from them! Sooooo very new experience for us!!! Tak sabar nak cerita and update korang on the experience nanti. hehehe

Ok. As of now, sampai sini je. Sebab from Zurich we still haven't confirm nak pi Venice ke tak. And tetiba macam nak singgah Florence jugak! Ish..but Still depends on the budget. :) Kat sini tak cari host la, coz nak berdua-duaan gitu! Eceh! Ada sapa-sapa dah pergi Venice? Mai la kongsi/share tips sikit! :)

Ketemu lagi di lain entry ya!


Adakah aku tertipu?

Monday, December 03, 2012 / Comments (0) / by Skinny Yash

Rasa macam bengang pon la..nak dapat duit free bukan senang kan...But sangat ridiculous lah system dia.! The analytic report tu memang awesome lah! But in terms of Nuffnang Gliteratti status tu, rasa macam tertipu pon ada!

It happen 2 times already. Bila duit dah terkumpul banyak sikit, tetiba Status Gliteratti tu jadi Non-Gliterati. Padahal, takde tukar apa-apa pon. They mentioned as below

What is an "Exclusive Nuffnanger"??

An "Exclusive Nuffnanger" is a Nuffnang blogger who has NO advertisements from, mentions of, or links to other ad networks originating from South East Asia, or any ad networks we deem as competitors on his/her blog.

So, nak tanya...Google Ads pon tak boleh ke? Padahal dah berkurun kot benda alah tu memang ada kat situ! Grrrrr...

Ada yang aku remove je kang! Sakit hati mak!



Saturday, December 01, 2012 / Comments (0) / by Skinny Yash

Currently, super busy dengan Europe itinerary yang tak habis-habis ni.

We are trying to cover few countries in 1 month, and of course la kan depends on the budget too. Kalau besaq budget, jangan cakap few countries..whole Europe pon aku sanggup redah!hahaha

So, basically I am now trying to suggest you guys yang suka backpacking..tak kisah la Europe ke, South East Asia ke..mana-mana la..try join Couchsurfing..You will be glad to have this as your guidance and companion. :)

Couchsurfing has lots to offer. From travel tips, accommodation,  transportation and many more.

As for myself, I joined sebab di introduced by 2 my school friends yang amat suka travel. In fact, they are still traveling now. Not only, surfing..but they do hosting too! Best kan? Apa tu surfing? Apa tu hosting? Let me tell ya!

Macam you berjalan ke negara orang, and wanted to learn more on the cultures try couchsurfing. Which means, stay at the locals home..tak semestinya you will get your own bed or room. Kalau dapat tu rezeki baik la. :) Basically, it's a couch/sofa bed. It's some sort like an exchange student program la..hahaha..Tapi yang ni, you can choose with who you want to stay by looking at their profile (nak tengok ngam ke tak kalau aku duduk dengan orang ni!)..So, you can sent a request to them if they are available to host you. Kalau depa tak available, they will respond back to you. :)

Please note, couchsurfing bukan macam you nak cari hotel nak duduk free...It's like a place where you actually know and understand the locals, the people..and their cultural. Yes, It's free!! So, in return..please be nice to them! and If you're lucky, the host might cook for you! :) It's depends on their availability and interest too. hehe

As for us, we did have few people offered to host us! Cool kan? Excited gile okay! Will update you on the Couchsurfing experience bila balik nanti. And it will be our first experience!! yeay!

p/s: We still looking for a host in Swiss, London and maybe Italy?


Bagus sangat ke Alpha Lipid tu?

Wednesday, November 21, 2012 / Comments (2) / by Skinny Yash

bikin panas tak tajuk entry kali ni? hehehe

Ramai yang tertanya-tanya, "Ko tokei Alpha Lipid ke Yassh?" Jawapannya tidak..Saya hanya membantu mak saya je...

berbalik kepada soalan aku kat atas tu... "Bagus sangat ke Alpha Lipid tu?" kecoh orang kutuk-kutuk, perli-perli orang jual susu ni...hahaha..Sukehati korang la..jual susu pon bole dapat income 100k sebulan weih! dari ko kutuk-kutuk perli dapat apa? dosa ada!

plus..aku paham..sebab orang mesti nak cakap..."ala..Alpha Lipid pon sama je..MLM"..hahaha..Tu la kau! cakap bodoh marah plak! orang suruh beli and minum susu untuk kesiahtan..bukan suruh jadi member..then kena cari 4 orang bawahan..pastu orang bawahan kene cari 4 orang lagi..pastu orang bawah-bawah tu cari orang lagi...pfft! sampai mati pon tak habis asyik cari orang je...memang la lepas tu kaya..tapi apa kepuasannya...?

fine! malas nak bising2 psl MLM bagai...cuma nak bagitau..i took this as per advised by my mom! mulanya malas...sebab pikir xperlu pon! aku sihat je..tapi..luaran je nampak sihat...dalamannya..Tuhan je yang tau! :(

apa masalah aku?hmm...malu nak cerita..tapi biar korang bukak sikit mata tu...i have constipation yang sangat teruk! ingat orang pregnant je ada sembelit, rupanya aku pon ada! plus dah macam ala-ala buasir, sbb kalau nak buang air besar, berejam aku lepak dalam toilet tu..lrpas settle..harus bontot mcm sengal2..and mostly my s*** ada darah sikit..perasaan takut tu ada, tapi saja ignore..sebab takut kena operate kalau pergi spital! huarghhh..even suami pon xtau sangat problem ni...

but lepas amek Alpha Lipid Lifeline selama 2minggu, memang takde lansung sembelit or sakitnak buang air besar...memang lancar je..Alhamdulillah..badan rasa lebih bertenaga..itu apa yang aku rasa sekarang la...serious tak tipu. kagum aku ttiba! hahaha

so, sapa-sapa ada masalah buasir or sembelit, cuba try minum alpha lipid..insyaAllah korang akan rasa perbezaannya.. hehehe orang kata Buasir ni ikut genetik, sbb bapak and adik aku pon ada masalah yang sama..bapak aku kronik lg la..but now..dia sendiri more! hehehe

kesimpulannya, dari aku post testimonial orang..baik aku cerita sendiri pengalaman aku. kan?

nak try, bole contact saya thru email atau tinggal he komen kat sini..atau bole contact mak saya direct 012-9030959 Puan Zaimah.

Pre-Order for Branded Handbags

Thursday, November 15, 2012 / Comments (0) / by Skinny Yash

Hello Guys and Girls... :)

I will be leaving Malaysia (again!) for my Europe Trip. And as usual, berjalan tanpa membeli adalah sia-sia. ;p Okay itu POYO! ;)

I am taking a Pre-Orders for any branded handbags such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada, Balenciaga or whatsoever brands you have in mind! :P

Email me at ( for pricing. Estimated Time Arrival will be right after 6th January 2013

and of course, 100% Full Payment needed. (Order/Buy only if you trust me!) :)

Pre-Order will be closed once quota has been meet or the latest will be on 18th December 2012

Hurry Up!


Un-Expected plan

Friday, October 12, 2012 / Comments (0) / by Skinny Yash

We're supposed to fly back to KL by end of this month. But few days back, Hubs just got an update that they are releasing the project team member earlier. So, I only have this weekend to go for shopping! And guess what, Hubs going to work on weekend coz the project go-live on that day. Pfft

Makanya, aku kena settlekan beli barang during weekdays. This is so frustrating. Kita dah plan nak buat itu ini, semuanya jadi kelam kabut. Plus nak mengemas rumah and packing barang2 lagi. Haih.

Anyway, glad to be back! But at some point, I will miss Tokyo a lot!! :( Entah bila dapat mai lagi. Kan? :p



Autumn in Nikko, Japan

Friday, October 12, 2012 / Comments (0) / by Skinny Yash

On 7th October, we went for a day trip to Nikko! Located at Tochigi prefecture and quite a long journey I must say. hehe But, totally worth it! Autumn in Nikko.

Al-kisahnya, kami di arah supaya berkumpul di Asakusa Tobu line tepat pukul 7:55pagi. Tapi ada yang sesat disekitar Asakusa. hehe. Maka, half of us naik train dulu (free because it's included in the discount pass) and my husband and I tunggu another friend. He actually late 2 minutes! Train kat jepun kan tepat, maka memang tertinggal la! Rapid train ke Nikko ni sejam satu. So, we took another train called Limited Express, ala-ala macam Romance Car but with additional charges of 1000Yen. Kalau dalam website cakap 1120Yen, but not not sure why they only charge us 1000. Ok. Rezeki. This limited express train laju and only stops at certain station. So, we all cuma lewat 20minutes from them. :)
Nikko Tobu Station
Basically, Discount pass harga 4400 Yen. It's included rapid train from Asakusa to Nikko. Then bus around Nikko. There's a discount to certain places kalau tunjuk pass tu. So, tak payah nak buat kira-kira sangat. Kalau nak pergi Nikko, just buy the Discount Pass. Settle. :) Because we went there on weekend, memang la packed. Traffic macam nak naik genting malam tahun baru! Huhu So, from Nikko station kalau jalan kaki dalam 30 minit je. Pejam celik pejam celik sampai.

Traffic jam along the road

And our first spot is Sacred bridge. Cantik sangat sungai dia! Jernih! Kaler biru okay! Eh ke hijau? Whatever! Memang super cantik! Nak lalu bridge ni kena bayar. So, we just took a photo from outside. :)

Then we walk through the Nikko national park to Toshogu shrines. Eh layan gambaq je la!

Sacred Bridge

Nikko National Park

One of the many shrines. hehe

6 storeys pagoda
After that, we waited for the bus to Yumoto-onsen. The last stop at Nikko. Bus memang macam sardin. Serious tak tipu. And journey to Yumoto-Onsen took about 2 hours kot. Tak ingat! Tapi memang kena berdiri la sampai Chuzenji (about 1.5hrs) stop, baru ramai turun. So, we got a seat! Al-kisahnya elok-elok naik bus ada drama kungfu berlaku. Anak tumbuk bapak kat muka plak tu! sampai terjatuh spek bapak dia! Kesian! But funny! hahaha Sebab lepas tu bukan main baik pulak bapak dengan anak tu. Saiko la anak dia. Dah besar kot. Umur 20lebih ada tu! Ok. abaikan.

The most amazing part naik bus ni because of the journey. Pernah tengok Initial D? And we rode at the same road like in Initial D. Irohazaka road! I'm not a big fan, tapi sebab kawan Hubs yang beriya and we all pon terinfluence sekali! Hehe. Fun! Bila ada orang yang secara detail bagitau every spot of the road compared in Initial D. hehehe

Irohazaka Road
Irohazaka road opp way

Sampai Yumoto-Onsen, the place macam tempat peranginan yang dah mati. And mostly yang naik smpai atas tu, orang yang memang nak bermalam kat hotel sekitar situ sebab ada onsen (hot spring). Kedai makan cuma ada satu je, tepi lake. Murah jugak. We eat Soba with tempura. Okla. Weather sangat la sejuk! Nasib bawak jaket! :) And after makan, tangkap gambar sikit kat tepi lake (not that nice) and we wait for the next bus down back to Chuzenji Lake.

Lake at Yumoto-onsen
Autumn looks
While waiting for the bus
Here in Chuzenji stop, we head to Kegon Falls. The highest waterfalls in Japan. Cantik! :) Keje tangkap gambar je! Then we walked back to Chuzenji Lake tangkap gambar sampai sunset. Nice sunset weihh!! Memang cantik!! After that, we walked back to the Chuzenji stop and wait for the bus back to Nikko Station.

Way to Kegon Falls

Kegon Falls

Lake Chuzenji

Kulit album

Sunset at Chuzenji Lake

More info on Nikko Discount Pass, check out the link.



Day trip to Takao-san

Thursday, October 11, 2012 / Comments (0) / by Skinny Yash

Takao-san or Mount Takao still located in Tokyo region and gunung paling dekat dengan Tokyo. From Shinjuku station it takes about 1.5 hours to get to Takaosanguchi station. Once dah sampai station tu (last station), ada tourist center where you can get your map. And it's free. There's a tour guide offer also, tapi kalau tak nak..tak payah! Ada track, so you wont get lost! hehe

The map
Tips, sebelum naik sila lah stretching apa-apa yang patut. Fitness kena mantap. Kalau tak, pancit la kau! hahaha We are fit enough, so we get a Chairlift to the half of the mountain! ;) Seronok naik chairlift, macam nak main ski pulak! And gayat pon ye, coz there are no safety belt given. Dah la kerusi kecik, rasa macam nak tergelungsur ke bawah! Oh, you can choose either cable car or chairlift! mana-mana pon sampai tempat yang sama. huhu And chairlift cost you 470yen


Once reach at the base, while looking at the map, we saw a signage says waterfall. Okay. Please everyone! Jangan tertipu dengan waterfall kat Mt.Takao. Dusta semata! Waterfall dia, kuat lagi air paip kat rumah! hahaha macam air longkang je! Can you imagine we took a track down halfway and we asked a couple of orang tua yang sedang mendaki naik and she said it's another 15minutes or so. Padahal, kitorang menurun and berjalan tu around 30minutes kot! Magik ke apa orang tua tu! hish! And sangatlah kecewa bila tengok waterfall macam kat bawah ni! hahahah After a 15minutes break, we climbed up again to the base. Rasa bazir tenaga sangat! hahaha tapi funny!
The signage
On our way down to the WATERFALL

The waterfall! LOL
We then continue our journey to the summit. It says around 40minutes, and not sure itu untuk pro or amatur macam kami. Pfft! There are lot's of trail. Luckily our lead (hubs ofcmate) researched enough, so we took the easiest train. But still, bila nak dekat-dekat sampai tu, kena mendaki tangga jugak! MasyaAllah. Kuatkan lah iman ku. hehehe

Our trail starts here

It's a breathtaking view up there. Tapi nasib tak begitu baik sebab Fuji-san tido! But, glad that I made to the top of Mt. Takao 1,965 ft tall (599 metres).
View from Takao-san

They are discussing which trail to take
Journey turun pon mencabar jugak! We took another trail, i think the 6th trail. Sapa naik ikut situ, memang tahap gaban punya mencabar! Paling mencabar when you see those nenek2 and atuk2 tua hiking with full attire and full gear! Memang pro habis! Umur I think linkungan 60-80years old. And they still strong and fastest that us! Bole??! And you know what, I saw a lady sat at the side of the trail while breastfeeding her baby!!!! Oh my!!! Kagum gile aku!!!And those with toddlers umur macam 2-4years old, they ask them to walk themselves. Bukan dukung okay! And obviously, no stroller la kan! Memang kagum habis dgn orang Jepun ni! Dasyat!

On the way back

Take two

See, they brings baby for hiking too!

Part of the trail
Ini memberi kesedaran pada kita masyarakat Malaysia, semuanya lazy bump! haha Pergi mana-mana naik kereta. Balik rumah, parking kereta pon depan rumah. Un-like Japanese. They spend their whole life walking! Sebab tu, sampai tua hiking pon takde hal! And 60% hikers on that day is old people.

Can you imagine? :)

Full info on Takao-san you click on this link.


Jovian re-stocked at Zalora

Sunday, September 30, 2012 / Comments (0) / by Skinny Yash

 (All pictures are from Zalora website)

Jovian Mandagie is so pandai menggoda kaum wanita! Eh, but don't get me wrong..not physically..but emotionally! LOL

Since his first Aidiladha Pre-order open (which I already bought one!), everyone whom so called 'Jovianista' is so eager waiting and keep waiting for his new designs. Ye lah! Kalau dah Instagram suka sangat nak teaser kan! Perempuan mana nak reti bersabar! hahaha

And, I saw one of his friends posted on Instagram saying that the 2nd batch of Pre-Order in Zalora will be re-stock tonight. I think, this is the 3rd time kot since last Friday! And I didn't managed to get on my Jovanita! But, not tonight bebeh!!! Sepantas kilat okay!!! Tanpa ragu-ragu despite alot of rumors going on about Zalora. I guess It's not rumors but fact. Because it's happen to some of my close friends. I still proceed to make the purchase.

Anyway, Dear Zalora..Jovian really put their trust on you by giving you the opportunity to market their products to the consumer. So, please please please..I'm begging you. Don't screw up this please. :) Because I need this pair to wear on 4th November 2012!! 

So, girls if you brave enough to make a purchase at Zalora (like me!) LOL, please do so! Lot's of designs are available in all sizes! :) And there's still lots of designs available from the previous Raya batch. Happy Shopping!!

Note to everyone.
Heard lot's of incident happen whereby there are some idiot yang mengambil kesempatan menipu di Jovian Mandagie FB page. They said they have that specific Jovian design, ask you to make payment or some sort of swap! and then terus senyap. Pity to those yang terkena. Bukan murah ok.

My advice, don't simply transfer your money to strangers. Even-though dia bagi IC number sekali pon. We never know whether it's true or fake one. So, be careful girls! We really work hard to earn that sum of money. So, spend it wisely. Un-less, ada mutual agreement like Cash on delivery (COD) than OK la! Or else, just wait for Jovian's new design! He always full of surprises kan?! :)