Hampir 3 tahun!

Monday, July 09, 2012 / Comments (0) / by Skinny Yash

Diam tak diam, it's almost 3years we've got married now. ALMOST! And still counting ;) we've start to know each other since October 2007..really got serious only after march 2008. ;p what happen between those months..only some of them yang real close to me or him knew about it. ;) hahaha...yeah! We all tak macam certain couples who actually falling in love at a first sight..or be friends since school or college.

How i met him?

It's a month before he left his ex-company (which the same company i just joined for a month that time).. a friend of mine, whom a friend of him too introduced me to him. ;) and being me, yang suka orang tough! Terus terrrsuka! Boleh?! Although his not that tough ok. It's just i like to see a guy who really looks like a man! If you know what i mean!LOL Plus his sweet you know! Senyuman la maksud i. Walaupon gelap..tapi manis! Hahaha

and so..after we were talking, i overheard that they gonna have some farewell party in the clubs. And being me again, yang kaki clubbing sampai tak ingat dunia..asked him one stupid (i still feel stupid now in fact! Lol) question.. "eh..u pegi clubbing..?" i lupa what was his answer..but he invited me too! ;) just a casual one. Tapi excited! Haha but...i didn't go anyway! I remember he asked me out to club for few times..tapi i tak pergi. ;) not being such a hard-to-get person, i just remember..i have to deal with such a big mess in my previous relationship.

It's true when we met at earlier stage, we both have our own separate relationship. Until we both realize that, we are not that young to play around anymore and we both naturally settledown. Tapi semuanya sudah tertulis oleh DIA kan?! He proposed (not exactly a nice one!) hahaha..dengan satu msg je..semuanya jadi kelam kabut! Hahahaha..it's just a normal text message yang berbunyi..rombongan sampai lepas raya nanti...macam gitu la bunyi nye..In fact, dia tak ajak kahwin pon kan?!hahahaha...i always dream of a nice, romantic and funny proposal! I know i will cry! Haha..but not everything that we want will always come true kan! Hehehe..Afterall, i still glad i marry him! ;)not sure what he feels..but..truly speaking...i can't imagine my life without him..seriously..walaupon mati itu pasti!

and today, 20 day before we officially got married for the 3rd year..i wish we both have a happy life together..! I wanted to plan for something special..tapi dengan keadaan kewangan persendirian ku yang terbatas..ahh..forget it! I love u suamiku!! Walaupon you selalu cranky bila seluar basah time hujan and mengamuk bila cari sesuatu tak jumpa! Hahahaha...semoga rumah bangi cepat siap and we can move in together!! And semoga cepat kita dapat baby, so you boleh tolak stroller dekat shopping mall!! Hahaha..

Till then...


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