Salam Eid Fitr 1433H

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This year, we celebrate our Raya kat Tokyo, Jepun. Tak tau nak happy ke sedih. hehehe. After all, we still managed to eat nasi impit and kuah kacang (instant sudah!) on the first day of raya! :)

Not sure was it excited or what plus husband was on night shift the night before raya, I couldn't sleep at all! Dah paksa pejam-pejam pon tak mau tidoq! What I did was, cleaning up the house! Yupp! I start around 2am until 7.30am right before my husband came back from work! ;p Siap basu baju, sidai baju, kemas katil, siram pokok cili, masak nasi impit and kuah kacang, susun atoq varieties of kuih raya, vacuum and mop! settle!I ironed both baju raya the day before. semangat punya pasal! hehe

So, we plan to go Malaysia Embassy in Shibuya for sembahyang Aidilfitri. I could not find any info on their website what time will the prayer begin. So, bloghopping and found that usually it starts at 9am. Sebab husband kerja malam, so after makan raya and siap-siap...we took a cab from home to the embassy sebab takut lambatkan. It takes about half an hour and cost us a BOMB! lol Habis satu hari punya allowance. And the frustrating part, sampai around 915, sembahyang raya pon dah habis. I think they start early kot. Hmm..

Some pictures taken during our Raya in Tokyo! :)

Sebelum i ended up my post, belom terlambat kiranya saya nak ucapkan...

 Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri
 Maaf Zahir dan Batin

Tengah queue untuk makan

Most of them are students

Dear Husband wearing my own-made Baju Melayu!

The Malaysians in Tokyo

Yours Truly

My Dear Husband with Hachiko!


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