Jovian re-stocked at Zalora

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 (All pictures are from Zalora website)

Jovian Mandagie is so pandai menggoda kaum wanita! Eh, but don't get me wrong..not physically..but emotionally! LOL

Since his first Aidiladha Pre-order open (which I already bought one!), everyone whom so called 'Jovianista' is so eager waiting and keep waiting for his new designs. Ye lah! Kalau dah Instagram suka sangat nak teaser kan! Perempuan mana nak reti bersabar! hahaha

And, I saw one of his friends posted on Instagram saying that the 2nd batch of Pre-Order in Zalora will be re-stock tonight. I think, this is the 3rd time kot since last Friday! And I didn't managed to get on my Jovanita! But, not tonight bebeh!!! Sepantas kilat okay!!! Tanpa ragu-ragu despite alot of rumors going on about Zalora. I guess It's not rumors but fact. Because it's happen to some of my close friends. I still proceed to make the purchase.

Anyway, Dear Zalora..Jovian really put their trust on you by giving you the opportunity to market their products to the consumer. So, please please please..I'm begging you. Don't screw up this please. :) Because I need this pair to wear on 4th November 2012!! 

So, girls if you brave enough to make a purchase at Zalora (like me!) LOL, please do so! Lot's of designs are available in all sizes! :) And there's still lots of designs available from the previous Raya batch. Happy Shopping!!

Note to everyone.
Heard lot's of incident happen whereby there are some idiot yang mengambil kesempatan menipu di Jovian Mandagie FB page. They said they have that specific Jovian design, ask you to make payment or some sort of swap! and then terus senyap. Pity to those yang terkena. Bukan murah ok.

My advice, don't simply transfer your money to strangers. Even-though dia bagi IC number sekali pon. We never know whether it's true or fake one. So, be careful girls! We really work hard to earn that sum of money. So, spend it wisely. Un-less, ada mutual agreement like Cash on delivery (COD) than OK la! Or else, just wait for Jovian's new design! He always full of surprises kan?! :)


The best time to go Japan?

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To those who are planning to come to Japan, make sure you tengok betul-betul weather forecast dia. It's reliable. :)

Just a few tips from me when travelling to Japan during certain seasons.

Japan in Spring (March to May)
I datang nearly end of May. But weather still chilly at night sebab windy. Nice feeling. But bila tengahari, matahari terik. Tapi still can feel the chilly and windy tu la..Just nice! :)

Just a note, kalau pergi Jepun around April, Cherry Blossom are in full bloom. So, memang Super Cantik! :) And try to avoid travel on their Golden Week. The whole week ada public holiday untuk Japanese and start Spring school holiday. So, they tend to travel and have a vacation also. So, some of the tourist attraction will be crowded. And most of the hotels or Ryokan will be fully-booked and much expensive. :)

Somewhere in Shibuya during end of May

Japan in Summer (June-September)
So,  during every transition of every season, akan sentiasa hujan. Except Hokkaido. :) So, sebelum keluar hotel/apartment, check weather forecast. Bawak payung or raincoat/poncho siap-siap from Malaysia. Payung is expensive here. It will cost you 500Yen. RM20 kau! ;p

Museum in Ueno Park (Semua bawak payung! :P)

Time hujan-hujan ni la syok pergi Hakone. Layan Onsen (Hot spring)! :) Typically, musim hujan ni akan end around first half July. And after that, musim panas yang sangat-sangat panas! ;p It can be so humid too you know! Dengan panas terik, dengan takde angin. Susah nak describe how it feels. :) Tapi syok la jalan-jalan sighseeing and Fuji-san pon tak la malu-malu nak keluar! ;)

DisneySea in Summer (Sangat panas hoccay! siap emo!)

Oh, siapa-siapa yang nak hiking Mount Fuji hanya open on Summer season sahaja which is July and August! After that, sighseeing sahaja. No climbing. Like I said, the transition between each season can be sucks! hehe

So by end of September, you will get almost wet weekends! I'm glad I went Hakone in 3rd week of September and it's still have sunshine. :) Now, no more! :( But the weather are now became more chilly again at night! I love the feeling! :)

p/s: When I came here in Japan on my first trip I belom berhijab lagi. Now, I am wearing Hijab. :) That is why my pics are some bertudung and some-not. 

Yours truly


Day Trip to Hakone

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We all be Hakone-Free Pass kat Shinjuku. Cari Odakyu counter. 1 pass 5000Yen. Valid for 2 days. 2 days doesn't mean that harini you pergi balik hari, then esok you pergi lagi sekali. NO! It's only valid for those yang stay overnight kat Hakone. Contoh, harini you pergi hakone, then you stay overnight kat Hakone, then the next day you still can use your Hakone-Free Pass untuk pulang balik ke Shinjuku. Faham? :) So kalau you pegi balik hari je..maknanya 1 hari je la you bole pakai. But it's totally worth it buying this pass. Percayalah! :)

Source: Odakyu website
Lepas beli Hakone-Free Pass, then bole naik platform. Situ you can chose either nak naik train Odakyu biasa which is free (sebab dah termasuk dlm Hakone-Free Pass) or you can chose Romance Car. Tak sure kenapa diorang panggil Romance Car, sebab tak romantik pon! haha Cuma lebih selesa la dari naik train biasa. ;p

They have 3 kinds of Romance Car. It's depends on what time you choose the train. If you're lucky, dapat la naik yg maha hebat sikit. :p We're consider beginner luck, sebab masa beli romance car ticket (tambah 870yen) kitorang dapat yang 2nd hebat. hehe Ada stewardess yang bole order makan minum. Tapi tak belipon. mahal and takde bende yang kite bole makan! hehe It tooks about 1.5 hrs to Hakone-Yumoto.

Romance Car VSE (Vault Super Express)

Menalaah map

Type EXE (Excellent Express)

Seating in EXE Romance Car
 Sampai Hakone-Yumoto, we took Tozan train to Gora. It takes about 40minutes. Kelakar sikit naik train ni, sebab dia macam patah-patah balik, tp lalu laluan yang berlainan sebab kan tanah yang semakin meninggi, so dia kena zigzag gitu.

Inside Tozan Train

 Sampai Gora, naik pulak Tozan Cable car sampai Sounzan. Ini dalam 10minit je. Macam naik cable car kat bukit bendera tu, tapi yang ni tak steep la. takat 4-500metres je. Route ni ada 4 station yang dia stop untuk siapa-siapa yang ada book hotel/accomodation or nak pergi Hakone Museum of Art. We all memang tak plan nak pergi benda yang kena bayar. Semua nak free je! hahaha So, we didn't stop anywhere sampai Sounzan.

Cable car
 From Sounzan, we took a ropeway. Yang ni best! Sebab ini adalah cable 2nd terpanjang didunia selepas Kriens Bahn in Switzerland. Memang gayat! haha In the middle there's a stop called Owakudani. Sini semua kena turun untuk transfer to another ropeway. Kalau nak turun layan volcanic pon bole. But we didn't, sebab dah puas kat Bandung dulu. Bajet sama je! So, we continue our ropeway sampai Togendai. View memang cantik! Oh, if you're lucky you can see Fuji-san (Mount Fuji) between Owakudani and Obuko station. Kitorang tak nampak pon! Tapi, I'm lucky sebab awal-awal2 dah nampak masa dalam Romace Car lagi. :)


Volcanic view from the ropeway

Lake Ashi view from the up above
 In Togendai, cruise is every 40minutes. So, kalau lambat lagi sila jalan-jalan kat luar tasik or belah kanan ada satu park yang cantik untuk bergambar! hehe Lake Ashi Sightseeing cruise ni termasuk jugak dalam Hakone-Free Pass, so tak payah bayar. Tunjuk tiket je. But, kat bawah tempat nak naik cruise tu, you can buy a First Class cabin ticket. Cuma tambah 400Yen! We did! Saja nak merasa. Worth it la. Sebab first class tak ramai orang and selesa. Up to you la. :) Tengok gambar then decide ye! ;p Journey memang best! Cantik! Sini pon boleh tengok Fuji-san, tap kitorang tak nampak pon. Takde rezeki gitu. hehe
Our Lake Ashi Sightseeing cruise

View from the top level of First Class Cabin

Lake Ashi

You all boleh turun either Hakone Machi or Moto Hakone-ko. Kalau turun Moto-Hakone ko, jalan keluar ke kanan and dalam 5minutes gitu ada satu kawasan hutan pokok2 besar. Ancient Cedar Avenue. Itulah old highway Tokaido. Pokok cedar tu ditanam tahun 1618. Cantik nak bergambar macam kat bawah ni..hehehe. Kalau keluar dari station ke kiri, jalan about 15minutes, is Hakone Shrine. Kalau tak nak, you can take bus back to Hakone-Yumoto or Odawara (depends on your ticket). Bus pon ada 2 jenis. Satu express, satu lembab sikit sebab dia banyak stop. Express queue on platform 2. Dalam 20-30mins gitu sampai la. Kena check jadual bus jugak, senang nak plan berjalan.
Express Bus (R) Timetable
Normal Bus (H) Timetable
So far, i really had fun! Walaupon tak pergi banyak tempat..but with all the mode of transport..memang you can feel and experience Hakone. Tapi lagi syok kalau dapat over-night kat Ryokan in Hakone. We all last minute, so mostly fully-booked. What I can suggest, ini antara Ryokan yang cantik and murah kat Hakone. :)

Hakone Ichinoyu  or  Senkei Yamagaso

Just a note, semua ryokan memang charge per person. :)

Last but not least, my trademark..LOL (abaikan! Sifat mazmumah aku!) ;p


Sumo tournament in Tokyo (Must see!)

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Sumo tournament is one of the top things you should see and experience during a trip in Japan. :)

Unfortunately, during my first trip tak dapat tengok. Sebab there's only 6 tournaments in a year. January, May and September in Tokyo, March in Osaka, July in Nagoya and November in Fukuoka. So, if you happen to be in Japan next time do take note on this.A must must see!

How to go to Ryogoku Kokugikan?
Just take a Chuo-Sobu local line heading to Chiba, and make a stop at Ryogoku Station. Make sure you paid attention at the sign that says Ryogoku Kokugikan exit. :) Or else, you have to walk extra mile. ;p

at the entrance

This time, the Grand Sumo tournament was held in Ryogoku Kokugikan, Tokyo. Start from 9 Sept till 23rd Sept (Final day). Ticket information as below.

Adult: General seating 2100Yen.
Ini seat paling atas and line paling last sekali dekat dengan dinding. And you still can see the match except the wrestler face expression la.

The rest, harga tiket from 3600Yen to 10,300Yen depends on the style of seating.

View from a 3600Yen seat during morning session on weekdays

View from the General seat i.e 2100Yen
Box seating
During the evening session. Almost full house

 Tips nak pergi tengok sumo tournament.

Tiket bole beli on the day of the match start from 8am. Kalau nak beli tiket for the next day, booth bukak from 10am. Beli je tiket paling murah like mine, sebab during typical day (weekdays) memang takde orang sangat sebab morning session usually a preliminary round and the bouts are between new sumo trainees and yet to be officially ranked. ;p Sebab tu takde siapa nak tengok sangat! hehe

Beli makanan kat luar and masuk dalam beg. hehe sebab takda makanan yang dijamin halal pon dalam tu. Air pon mahal. ;p Soft Ice-cream kat level 2 a must try! Sedap ice-cream dia! Sourvenir pon mahal. Keychain pon 500Yen. Pfft

One of many souvenir shops
I insist to have a photo with the actual wrestler. I bet he just lose! LOL

Sumo Annaijo entrance

Makuuchi wrestler ceremonial entrance

Yokozuna Grand Champion ring entrance

More details: Check out Ryogoku Kokugikan website.


Trip Osaka ke Tokyo in 1 day!

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Menakjubkan bukan? ;p

Not me. Tapi a friend of mine yang datang berkumpulan bercuti ke Osaka, tapi nak rasa jugak Tokyo macamana. So, they decided to come to Tokyo and spend a day here. :)

Diorang ambil bus from Osaka Station. Since, diorang touched down Osaka pon agak lambat, so they took a night bus to Tokyo. Advantage ambil bas malam ni senang, you can save your day time. Bole jalan-jalan. Plus save a 1 night stay in a hotel/hostel. :) Usually night bus will start at 10 or 11pm. And it took 7hours from Osaka to Tokyo. Bukan semua bus ada stop-stop kat R&R macam kat Malaysia. But bus yang diorang naik ada stop-stop. :) And don't worry. Usually night bus kat Jepun ni semua selesa belaka and safe. :)

I wait them at my nearest train station. :) Dengan hati yang girang menerima tetamu dari jauh. hahaha Seronok dapat jumpa orang dari Malaysia. ;p So, after they had rest for an hour or so, mandi manda and siap-siap, we all pon gerak for our day trip pusing-pusing Tokyo, since i promised them i will be the tour guide for the whole day.

First, we all ke Tokyo station dulu for their return night bus ticket to Osaka. So, their bus will be at 1130PM. Then we all ke Shibuya since sibuk sangat nak tengok the shibuya zebra crossing tu kan. Jalan-jalan around Shibuya (termasuk H&M and Forever 21), we had lunch at Turkish restoren betul-betul depan H&M. Senang je! Halal.

Then we took a train and stop at Harajuku. Start from Takeshita Dori (tempat shopping anak muda Jepun) sampai la ke Omote-Sando. Dan berjalan menuju ke Shinjuku. Habis la semua kedai-kedai masuk. ;p Jauh tu kami jalan.;p

Then, we take a train to Ueno. Semata nak ke Hard Rock Cafe. This is the easiest one. Sebab turun je station Ueno, ikut main exit, keluar tiket nampak la Hard Rock Cafe nya. So, we don't have to jalan jauh-jauh. Save time!

Lepas shopping-shopping, we took a train to Akihabara, since diorang ni mamat/minah camera. hehehe Unfortunately, they all terlampau penat. Tak sempat nak bawak ke Yodobashi. :( So, around 7pm we took a train back to my apartment and had dinner at Tenya. Pulang ke rumah, they have a rest for an hour...dan bersiap untuk pulang ke Osaka semula...Uhuk! ;(

Overall, despite of the tiredness...i still happy sebab dapat bawak kawan-kawan jalan-jalan. :) Hopefully you guys pon happy. Sorry if ada yang terkurang...

Note: So, basically ini antara spot-spot Tokyo yang korang kena pergi IF dah kesuntukan masa sangat! ;p


Budget di Jepun!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012 / Comments (1) / by Skinny Yash


And here's a few tips for you guys yang nak ke Jepun tapi taknak membazir banyak sangat! Ngeeee ;)

1. If your trip is like 7days or consider Japan Rail Pass. Sangat lah untung sebab,
- you can use it for railways, buses, ferry and boats (macam dlm jadual bawah!). Oh Except bullet train Nozomi yang superfast tu. Yang tu tak termasuk. :) More about JR Pass dekat next post ye! :p

Credit to
2. Kalau nak membeli barang-barang keperluan such as syampoo, sabun, ubat gigi, berus gigi, periuk belanga or apa-apa je la kot korang terlupa nak bawakkan, sila beli di Daiso or 100 Yen Shop. Basically, semua barang-barang dia berharga 100Yen. Tapi kalau masuk tax, jadi satu barang 105Yen. Dalam RM4 gitu. Jadi tak payah membazir beli di farmasi or kedai-kedai lain. hehehe

3. Makan. Hmm. Memang mahal makan kat Jepun. Kalau nak murah, makan lah makanan jepun. hehehe. Or macam saya cakap dalam previous2 post, anda bole option makan di TENYA (gambar spt di bawah). Restoren Jepun yang menu nya basically tempura or noodles. And, perlu diingat JANGAN MAKAN MISO SUP dia..TAK HALAL. Memang takde ba alif ba ya dalam sup tu, tapi Miso paste yang digunakan ada extract babi gittiew! ;p (Source dari Malaysian blog yg duduk Jepun)

4. Accomodation murah di Jepun (Tokyo), what I can suggest is Sakura Hotel & Hostel. Murah and dia banyak branches around Japan. And you can try capsule hotel. A must try in Japan. Murah juga! :) There's a few listed in HERE.

5. If you guys from Tokyo nak ke Osaka/Nagoya/Sapporo or whereever you wanna go, Bus is always be the cheapest option! Don't worry, they won't be any delay. Trust me! :) There's a few bus option you can look up to.

- WillerExpress
- JR Bus Kanto

Will update more once I have something new in mind. :)


Pre-Order Jovian RTW is Open Now at Poplook!

Monday, September 17, 2012 / Comments (2) / by Skinny Yash

Hey! Hey!

I've been searching around my circles of friends who will be going for the Jovian Open House yesterday so that I can transfer the money and make the pre-order since the Pre-Order will on be happening during the Open House. But no one has responded. A bit frustrated there. But, tuah ayam nampak di kaki, tuah manusia tiada siapa yang tahu! hehehe

Saw Jovian's posted this yesterday!

Oh. Dengan hati girang, maka i woke up this morning super early. I don't want to miss it this time. It would be my FIRST PURCHASE from ThePoplook (more to come! ;p) and of course first from Jovian's too. :) 

At first i was a bit frustrated (again! ;p), when i opened up there's nothing there at 10.20AM. Then i looked at my handphone. Ahhhh...Stupid me! Helloooooo! I'm here in Tokyo, Japan! This makes me 1 hour earlier than you! *facepalm* LOL

Ok. Now, I don't have to worry what i'm going to wear for my SIL wedding this November. Hope there won't be any issue on the delivery yah! :)

I successfully PURCHASED one of these Jovian RTW Aidiladha designs. :p 

Thank YOU SUAMI!! :)

and oh..Thank YOU JOVIAN! Keep producing an awesome designs! :)


Makuhari Outlet kat Tokyo

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There's a few outlet in Japan. But for now, i'll posted about Makuhari. It's the closest from Tokyo and bout 50 minutes from Akihabara. :-) plus minus la.

For me, outlet in Japan is not that cheap compared to US! Of course :-) but still consider cheap kalau dicompare dengan Malaysia! Bole? :-)

So, here a few pictures that i took during weekends. There are Coach, Furla, Billabong, Osh Kosh B Gosh, Wacoal, Triumph, g-Shock, Asics and many other japan labels too.

Basically yang worth to buy like Coach. Most of the times is up to 50% discounts. And most of the time too, they have given out 20% discount coupon. So, total up 70% la kan. ;) But because of  Jayanese Yen quite high if converted to Ringgit Malaysia, so for a normal large size Coach handbag can cost you around RM1200-1400. Kalau yang medium size dalam RM800-RM1K gitu la. So, still cheapo kan dari Malaysia?! I hope so. :)

Levis, most of the time will have this Buy 2 free 1 promotion. Plus..dia ada a few racks of jeans and shirts that cost you around 2000Yen. Dalam RM80. :) Tapi limited size la.

Adidas and Nike sangat worth it. Sports shoes yang awesome pon you can get around RM300. :P And they have lots of designs and baju bajan pon banyak! :)

Furla not that tempting. Sebab dia bagi discount haritu pon around 15% je. Still consider mahal! But during summer sale in Tokyo, Furla bole murah gile bab! :)

Bathing Ape Pirate Store

Columbia Sportswear



Entrance from Kaihim Makuhari JR Station

Coach Factory