Jovian re-stocked at Zalora

Sunday, September 30, 2012 / Comments (0) / by Skinny Yash

 (All pictures are from Zalora website)

Jovian Mandagie is so pandai menggoda kaum wanita! Eh, but don't get me wrong..not physically..but emotionally! LOL

Since his first Aidiladha Pre-order open (which I already bought one!), everyone whom so called 'Jovianista' is so eager waiting and keep waiting for his new designs. Ye lah! Kalau dah Instagram suka sangat nak teaser kan! Perempuan mana nak reti bersabar! hahaha

And, I saw one of his friends posted on Instagram saying that the 2nd batch of Pre-Order in Zalora will be re-stock tonight. I think, this is the 3rd time kot since last Friday! And I didn't managed to get on my Jovanita! But, not tonight bebeh!!! Sepantas kilat okay!!! Tanpa ragu-ragu despite alot of rumors going on about Zalora. I guess It's not rumors but fact. Because it's happen to some of my close friends. I still proceed to make the purchase.

Anyway, Dear Zalora..Jovian really put their trust on you by giving you the opportunity to market their products to the consumer. So, please please please..I'm begging you. Don't screw up this please. :) Because I need this pair to wear on 4th November 2012!! 

So, girls if you brave enough to make a purchase at Zalora (like me!) LOL, please do so! Lot's of designs are available in all sizes! :) And there's still lots of designs available from the previous Raya batch. Happy Shopping!!

Note to everyone.
Heard lot's of incident happen whereby there are some idiot yang mengambil kesempatan menipu di Jovian Mandagie FB page. They said they have that specific Jovian design, ask you to make payment or some sort of swap! and then terus senyap. Pity to those yang terkena. Bukan murah ok.

My advice, don't simply transfer your money to strangers. Even-though dia bagi IC number sekali pon. We never know whether it's true or fake one. So, be careful girls! We really work hard to earn that sum of money. So, spend it wisely. Un-less, ada mutual agreement like Cash on delivery (COD) than OK la! Or else, just wait for Jovian's new design! He always full of surprises kan?! :)


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