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Saturday, September 15, 2012 / Comments (0) / by Skinny Yash

There's a few outlet in Japan. But for now, i'll posted about Makuhari. It's the closest from Tokyo and bout 50 minutes from Akihabara. :-) plus minus la.

For me, outlet in Japan is not that cheap compared to US! Of course :-) but still consider cheap kalau dicompare dengan Malaysia! Bole? :-)

So, here a few pictures that i took during weekends. There are Coach, Furla, Billabong, Osh Kosh B Gosh, Wacoal, Triumph, g-Shock, Asics and many other japan labels too.

Basically yang worth to buy like Coach. Most of the times is up to 50% discounts. And most of the time too, they have given out 20% discount coupon. So, total up 70% la kan. ;) But because of  Jayanese Yen quite high if converted to Ringgit Malaysia, so for a normal large size Coach handbag can cost you around RM1200-1400. Kalau yang medium size dalam RM800-RM1K gitu la. So, still cheapo kan dari Malaysia?! I hope so. :)

Levis, most of the time will have this Buy 2 free 1 promotion. Plus..dia ada a few racks of jeans and shirts that cost you around 2000Yen. Dalam RM80. :) Tapi limited size la.

Adidas and Nike sangat worth it. Sports shoes yang awesome pon you can get around RM300. :P And they have lots of designs and baju bajan pon banyak! :)

Furla not that tempting. Sebab dia bagi discount haritu pon around 15% je. Still consider mahal! But during summer sale in Tokyo, Furla bole murah gile bab! :)

Bathing Ape Pirate Store

Columbia Sportswear



Entrance from Kaihim Makuhari JR Station

Coach Factory

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