Sumo tournament in Tokyo (Must see!)

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Sumo tournament is one of the top things you should see and experience during a trip in Japan. :)

Unfortunately, during my first trip tak dapat tengok. Sebab there's only 6 tournaments in a year. January, May and September in Tokyo, March in Osaka, July in Nagoya and November in Fukuoka. So, if you happen to be in Japan next time do take note on this.A must must see!

How to go to Ryogoku Kokugikan?
Just take a Chuo-Sobu local line heading to Chiba, and make a stop at Ryogoku Station. Make sure you paid attention at the sign that says Ryogoku Kokugikan exit. :) Or else, you have to walk extra mile. ;p

at the entrance

This time, the Grand Sumo tournament was held in Ryogoku Kokugikan, Tokyo. Start from 9 Sept till 23rd Sept (Final day). Ticket information as below.

Adult: General seating 2100Yen.
Ini seat paling atas and line paling last sekali dekat dengan dinding. And you still can see the match except the wrestler face expression la.

The rest, harga tiket from 3600Yen to 10,300Yen depends on the style of seating.

View from a 3600Yen seat during morning session on weekdays

View from the General seat i.e 2100Yen
Box seating
During the evening session. Almost full house

 Tips nak pergi tengok sumo tournament.

Tiket bole beli on the day of the match start from 8am. Kalau nak beli tiket for the next day, booth bukak from 10am. Beli je tiket paling murah like mine, sebab during typical day (weekdays) memang takde orang sangat sebab morning session usually a preliminary round and the bouts are between new sumo trainees and yet to be officially ranked. ;p Sebab tu takde siapa nak tengok sangat! hehe

Beli makanan kat luar and masuk dalam beg. hehe sebab takda makanan yang dijamin halal pon dalam tu. Air pon mahal. ;p Soft Ice-cream kat level 2 a must try! Sedap ice-cream dia! Sourvenir pon mahal. Keychain pon 500Yen. Pfft

One of many souvenir shops
I insist to have a photo with the actual wrestler. I bet he just lose! LOL

Sumo Annaijo entrance

Makuuchi wrestler ceremonial entrance

Yokozuna Grand Champion ring entrance

More details: Check out Ryogoku Kokugikan website.


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