The best time to go Japan?

Sunday, September 23, 2012 / Comments (3) / by Skinny Yash

To those who are planning to come to Japan, make sure you tengok betul-betul weather forecast dia. It's reliable. :)

Just a few tips from me when travelling to Japan during certain seasons.

Japan in Spring (March to May)
I datang nearly end of May. But weather still chilly at night sebab windy. Nice feeling. But bila tengahari, matahari terik. Tapi still can feel the chilly and windy tu la..Just nice! :)

Just a note, kalau pergi Jepun around April, Cherry Blossom are in full bloom. So, memang Super Cantik! :) And try to avoid travel on their Golden Week. The whole week ada public holiday untuk Japanese and start Spring school holiday. So, they tend to travel and have a vacation also. So, some of the tourist attraction will be crowded. And most of the hotels or Ryokan will be fully-booked and much expensive. :)

Somewhere in Shibuya during end of May

Japan in Summer (June-September)
So,  during every transition of every season, akan sentiasa hujan. Except Hokkaido. :) So, sebelum keluar hotel/apartment, check weather forecast. Bawak payung or raincoat/poncho siap-siap from Malaysia. Payung is expensive here. It will cost you 500Yen. RM20 kau! ;p

Museum in Ueno Park (Semua bawak payung! :P)

Time hujan-hujan ni la syok pergi Hakone. Layan Onsen (Hot spring)! :) Typically, musim hujan ni akan end around first half July. And after that, musim panas yang sangat-sangat panas! ;p It can be so humid too you know! Dengan panas terik, dengan takde angin. Susah nak describe how it feels. :) Tapi syok la jalan-jalan sighseeing and Fuji-san pon tak la malu-malu nak keluar! ;)

DisneySea in Summer (Sangat panas hoccay! siap emo!)

Oh, siapa-siapa yang nak hiking Mount Fuji hanya open on Summer season sahaja which is July and August! After that, sighseeing sahaja. No climbing. Like I said, the transition between each season can be sucks! hehe

So by end of September, you will get almost wet weekends! I'm glad I went Hakone in 3rd week of September and it's still have sunshine. :) Now, no more! :( But the weather are now became more chilly again at night! I love the feeling! :)

p/s: When I came here in Japan on my first trip I belom berhijab lagi. Now, I am wearing Hijab. :) That is why my pics are some bertudung and some-not. 

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Ain Bubuk @ September 24, 2012 at 1:45 PM

bestnya!! :(( huwaaaaaaaaaaa

Skinny Yash @ September 29, 2012 at 7:48 PM

mai laaaa! tinggal anas! hahahaha

eezard_vazz @ January 10, 2013 at 9:42 AM

erk, how about visiting Japan during the winter? is it recommended? My friende will go to tokyo osaka this coming FEB 2013... Thanx!