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Currently, super busy dengan Europe itinerary yang tak habis-habis ni.

We are trying to cover few countries in 1 month, and of course la kan depends on the budget too. Kalau besaq budget, jangan cakap few countries..whole Europe pon aku sanggup redah!hahaha

So, basically I am now trying to suggest you guys yang suka backpacking..tak kisah la Europe ke, South East Asia ke..mana-mana la..try join Couchsurfing..You will be glad to have this as your guidance and companion. :)

Couchsurfing has lots to offer. From travel tips, accommodation,  transportation and many more.

As for myself, I joined sebab di introduced by 2 my school friends yang amat suka travel. In fact, they are still traveling now. Not only, surfing..but they do hosting too! Best kan? Apa tu surfing? Apa tu hosting? Let me tell ya!

Macam you berjalan ke negara orang, and wanted to learn more on the cultures try couchsurfing. Which means, stay at the locals home..tak semestinya you will get your own bed or room. Kalau dapat tu rezeki baik la. :) Basically, it's a couch/sofa bed. It's some sort like an exchange student program la..hahaha..Tapi yang ni, you can choose with who you want to stay by looking at their profile (nak tengok ngam ke tak kalau aku duduk dengan orang ni!)..So, you can sent a request to them if they are available to host you. Kalau depa tak available, they will respond back to you. :)

Please note, couchsurfing bukan macam you nak cari hotel nak duduk free...It's like a place where you actually know and understand the locals, the people..and their cultural. Yes, It's free!! So, in return..please be nice to them! and If you're lucky, the host might cook for you! :) It's depends on their availability and interest too. hehe

As for us, we did have few people offered to host us! Cool kan? Excited gile okay! Will update you on the Couchsurfing experience bila balik nanti. And it will be our first experience!! yeay!

p/s: We still looking for a host in Swiss, London and maybe Italy?


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