Update on Europe Trip Itinerary...

Monday, December 03, 2012 / Comments (2) / by Skinny Yash

We bought (ok..bukan WE, tapi SUAMI je) KLM ticket 2 months back. Kebetulan ada promo, so each return flight cost us RM2,700 sorang. Ok la kan, coz it will be Christmas and New Year time. :) We booked a different arrival and depart country. Maknanya, turun/sampai kat Amsterdam and balik/depart from Paris. Sebabnya, dah kata nak Europe Trip kan..so we don't want to waste our money and time travel back and forth to the same place. :)

This is our first time to have a long trip...1 bulan kot nyah! Memang balik confirm bangkrap! hahaha. So we opted for couchsurfing and some friends yang live somewhere in Europe. Save sikit weih!

Basically, from Amsterdam accommodation settle! Few days at Johnny's friend and kebetulan Christmas time pon diorang nak pi bercuti, so we need to book another 1 night kat luar. Compare punya compare, it's cheaper if you take an apartment. Tak kisah whether it's a room or entire apartment. Depends on the location jugak! Try Airbnb. Banyak kot apartment and room at a reasonable price! We booked ours from there. 1 night cost us not more than RM200. Ok la kan? Because if we take hostel, it will be charge per-head/per-night. Bila kira-kira, it is more than RM300 per night for both of us. Kalau korang pergi single mingle, then ok la! :)

From Amsterdam, we will be taking a bus and train to Belgium. Ha...sini excited sikit! Coz we have someone to host us!!!! :) Of course, accommodation dah FREE for 4 days. And host sangat lah baik siap buatkan itinerary and program kitorang to explore Belgium! And we're not alone..there will be another couple of couchsurfer yang akan join sekali! I am extremely excited!!!!! :)

From Belgium, we will be taking a night train to Copenhagen, Denmark! Ha..ni tempat yang memang Johnny termimpi-mimpi nak pergi sangat! Jauh pon jauh la..Janji pergi kan! hahaha We will be celebrating our New Year (celebrate ke?! :P) here. We still haven't confirm our accomodation for new eve and the night after. But we already have someone to host us for another 2 days in Copenhagen! How cool is that?!! Ngeeeeeeeeeeeee :)

From Copenhagen, we will be taking a flight direct from Copenhagen to Zurich. Sebab nak save time. Kalau nak naik train pon boleh. But it will take time, sebab nak transfer lagi. And disebabkan time kitorang travel tu adalah crucial time (sebab depa Christmas and New Year holiday!), so train and flight super mahal! Makanya, janganlah bercuti ke Europe between Christmas and first week of January! Memang super expensive! In Switzerland, we found really nice people who accept to host us for 4 days!! MasyaAllah...feel glad, happy and excited sangat sangat sangat!! Bukan sebab dapat accommodation free...But they are locals! So, you can learn lots of thing from them! Sooooo very new experience for us!!! Tak sabar nak cerita and update korang on the experience nanti. hehehe

Ok. As of now, sampai sini je. Sebab from Zurich we still haven't confirm nak pi Venice ke tak. And tetiba macam nak singgah Florence jugak! Ish..but Still depends on the budget. :) Kat sini tak cari host la, coz nak berdua-duaan gitu! Eceh! Ada sapa-sapa dah pergi Venice? Mai la kongsi/share tips sikit! :)

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Imran@Copenhagen @ December 7, 2012 at 4:23 PM

Bila berkunjung ke Copenhage? Berapa hari? Fjenneslevvej 15, Brønshøj to Central station tak jauh. About 30min take city bus. Lebih kurang RM7 ke sehala. But i recommend try to get another accommodation close to city center. Rasanya budget hotel berdekatan central station.

Skinny Yash @ December 8, 2012 at 11:32 AM

Hi Imran,

Kitorang sampai di Copenhagen on 31st December naik City Night Train dari Amsterdam. Akan stay di Copenhagen sampai 4hb untuk flight ke Zurich plak. Anyway, tempat yg nak stay tu we all cancel sbb mcm jauh plak. Budget hotel macam quite expensive plak sbb date tu..any recommendation? sbb we all ada booked airbnb, last minute org tu cancel plak. now tgh cari lain.

Thanks for your tips.