Safely landed in Milano

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Safely arrived in Malpensa Airport, Milan! ;) It was a very last minutes planning! We just bought our ticket 2 days before! Hahaha Tips nak dapat ticket flight murah, try even at a last minute pon tiket super murah! Like to Milan you only pay for like RM2.6K with Qatar or Etihad. But in our case, different! I've been eyeing expedia for few days and aiming to buy the cheapest ticket online. Entah macamana, the night we wanted to buy all the ticket we wanted sold out! Rasa nak menangis occay! And we searching all over the internet, the cheapest to Milan is RM3.3k! Kau rasa bengang tak?! Big difference tuuuu! Sebab aku dah monyok bagai malam tu, Hubs terus beli Singapore Airlines flight since Qatar offer the cheaper at that time just by few hundreds, but he preffered that we board with SQ! And yes! Singapore Airlines never turns me down!

The last time i flew with SQ was 2010 to Sydney for a business trip! Boarded in Aibus 380 and a totally awesome flight throughout the journey! ;) I've felt the same way today! And the best thing is, this time with my dearly husband yang menjadi tunggak ekonomi aku selama ni! Hahahahaha

And the most great thing, aku tak bawak purse lansung! Tinggal kat Malaysia. The only thing i brought was kad pengenalan and maybankard which I just knew I couldnt use it because I didn't call the bank to activate for oversea use. Hahahahaha Bengang tahap gaban suamiku! Sebab aku tak bawak purse! I'm totally depends on him now. Buatnya dia tinggal aku kat sini, memang jadi gelandangan la aku! Hahahaha. I've learned from my previous experience, memang tak pernah pegang foreign money when traveling! Kau tunjuk je, laki ko bayar la! Hihihi senang! Takut kene ragut nanti!

Okla, will update again later! Ciao!

-Malpensa Airport
9.30am, 25 May 2014

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